Aug 022013

Henry Rollins.

Own them!

Own them!

Rollins owns his onstage shorts, whether they are a somewhat standard surfer cut, skimpy satin gym shorts, or old-school gray cotton gym shorts. They are not worn for comfort; they are essential to his Look. His shorts are cool. Your shorts are not. Don’t even think about wearing those things.


  9 Responses to “Rock’s Unfulfilled Fashion Ideas: Shorts”

  1. Clearly going for “anti-cool”, but early Devo rocked the shorts in a defensible way.

    I saw them early on in their shorts and knee-pad stage, but I couldn’t find a good picture of that era so this slihtly earlier one will have to do.

  2. BigSteve

    Mod, do you realize that the shorts-wearer in the first clip, the one with the Dictators doing Search & Destroy, is Friend of The Hall Andy Shernoff?

  3. BigSteve

    And having played some drums myself, I believe that shorts are the only appropriate clothing for that instrument.

  4. Angus. The only shorts wearer that matters.

  5. Short of an acoustic gig at a beach bar there is no situation where shorts are appropriate. The 90’s had a shorts run w some of the grunge bands. Shorts, flannel, combat boots. Tried to stay away from that look mostly.

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