Oct 162010

Yeah, baby!

Recently, Rock Town Hall’s Erocktica division came across a Carlos Santana sex tape. To our knowledge this is the first public airing of this professionally produced but long-supressed group sex scenario in front of a live audience.

After taking the necessary legal precautions, we feel confident that the following clip is as legitimate as it is sexy. As lovely as you are likely to find this performance, however, it is definitely NSFW. Even on a weekend we only feel comfortable posting it after the jump…

Like any good lover, Carlos knows to confidently engage in some tender foreplay. Like any good swinger, he knows to keep his bandmates engaged early. Check out how he looks back at his drummer before making his first move, stating the song’s theme. Carlos is telling his bandmates, That’s right, baby, I’m about to move in on my guitar’s neck, but I won’t leave you behind and take all the pleasure for myself.

Proof of Santana’s generosity in this menage-a-six or -sept is seen at the 1:14 mark, as the organ player erotically strokes his palm across his instrument. This happens again at the 2:00 mark, with an even hotter backhand stroke of the keys.

Around the 2:45 mark, with his bandmates and audience in a lather, Carlos really gets down to business. Make sure the kids are out of the room as you review his display of soloing porn faces.

After a minute of their bandleader working his magic under the covers, the entire band cuts loose ecstatically. I don’t want to give any more away or take away from your own enjoyment of this tape, so why don’t you finish us off with your thoughts on the remaining 3 minutes?


  3 Responses to “Carlos Santana Sex Tape Surfaces!”

  1. ladymisskirroyale

    All I can say is that Mr. Royale and I watched this on a Saturday night…

    All was going well until Mr. Royale commented, “Oh God. Now I know what John Oates looks like having sex.”

  2. Ugh, I’m sure that killed the moment! Like my Phillies, you two will have to go get ’em next time.

  3. BigSteve

    Release ‘comes’ shortly after the 5:00 mark, after which we get almost two minutes of post-coital reggae. Then the whole band starts to snore.

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