May 162012

You probably know that Mick Jagger is hosting this week’s May 19 season finale of Saturday Night Live. Yes, he’s hosting—certainly doing a mumbling, aw shucks monologue complete with those twinkling forever-young eyes and numerous runs of his fingers through that still-luxurious hair, certainly appearing in skits and possibly being funny on occasion. Can we expect much in terms of blowing us away with his comedic acting chops? He’s had a few cracks at an acting career with little success over the years. I guess he’ll play music, too, although Keef says he’s not going to make a guest appearance with his old Glimmer Twin. We’ll see.

Jagger’s going to have to work hard to top Paul McCartney’s appearances in skits on SNL and elsewhere. Considering he was the worst actor in the Beatles’ movies, Paul’s become pretty funny in his advanced age. You know Mick’s gonna be gunning for Paul’s title as Rock’s Funniest Living Legend. He goes way back with the SNL crew, but he’s never hosted. Paul’s been on the show a number of times and killed in skits, but Mick is the first of these living legends to be billed as “host.” I bet he’s psyched.

You know Keef couldn’t care less about holding the title of SNL host or Rock’s Funniest Living Legend. Pete Townshend would be too weird to ever work in American sketch comedy. Can you imagine Bob Dylan vying for the spot? He might be the funniest rocker ever to appear on SNL, but you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Like McCartney, Jagger’s still “in the game”—at least as far as he’s concerned. Mick’s fit and trim. His hair refuses to turn gray. He’s probably hipper than any of our dads. Mick and Paul are the self-perceived Last Men Standing among 1960s pop stars. These days, who’s cooler: modern-day McCartney or modern-day Jagger?

SHOWDOWN (choose one): modern-day McCartney or modern-day Jagger?

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  7 Responses to “SHOWDOWN (Choose One): Modern-Day McCartney or Modern-Day Jagger?”

  1. tonyola

    I’m going to have to give Paul this one. While he spent most of his solo career goofing around with silly love songs, mugging for cameras, and making increasingly bad albums, he seems to have reversed that trend in the past decade or so. It’s like he realized that he had a limited time to repair his legacy and is no longer content to coast on old glories. His past few studio efforts have been quite credible and even this year’s covers album (Kisses on the Bottom) is eminently listenable. By the way, that dumb title is a phrase from one of the songs: “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter”.

  2. Happiness Stan

    I’m going with McCartney as well, the Twotles seem more human than Mick or Keef have done in the last thirty-five years.

  3. Mr. Mod, are you aware of Dylan’s 1999 appearance on Dharma & Greg?

    My memory tells me that clip includes unaired portions. I think this is what aired:

    As for the showdown, some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. I’ll take Macca.

  4. alexmagic

    Paul is cooler now than Mick, but that’s partly a function of Keith still being around. Mick has to keep playing the goof and the cheerleader and the guy who puts on the football uniforms as long as there’s potential Stones money to be made. Post-Anthology, Paul has made strides to reclaim his brief, mid-60s “the hip one” role.

    I’m looking forward to Jagger on SNL. I think his willingness to play the fool will serve him well.

    I know Bowie’s been the musical guest multiple times, but how has he never been the host? He lives right there!

    Anyway, I’m pulling for a JaBo sketch this weekend with Bill Hader in the Bowie spot.

  5. Paul Simon was on SNL all the time in the early days.–gSllvBxxQ
    Isn’t Jagger cooler? He doesn’t make me cringe as often.

  6. BigSteve

    “Musical guests” this week are listed as Mick Jagger, Arcade Fire, Jeff Beck & Foo Fighters. What kind of Frankenstein monster jam does this promise?

    You know, there’s no way I’m voting for McCartney.

  7. Maybe Mick could be Bowie. Remember this?

    “Mick, you ignorant slut, all the time with your liberal clap-trap.”


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