Jan 202011

The other day a Townsman recalled my long-held belief that Graham Parker & The Rumour could have done a killer version of Maxine Nightengale‘s “Right Back Where We Started From.” This is one of probably 2 dozen nerdy thoughts, suggestions, or questions for favorite artists that I’ve carried around since my teens. In my ridiculous world, the thinking is, Should I ever run into beloved Artist X, I’m going to have this one potentially interesting thing to say to him or her. I figure, wouldn’t it be cool if I could meet a favorite artist and actually have a sincere conversation starter lined up? Chances are I’d still come off as big a salivating fanboy as if I had nothing ready to say, like the time a friend introduced me to dB’s’ drummer Will Rigby, but a fanboy can dream.

Shortly after being reminded of my One potentially interesting thing to say to Graham Parker, I contacted Friend of the Hall—and friend and dedicated guitarist to Parker—Martin Belmont to make my suggestion. Graham and some other members of The Rumour played a small show at New York’s Lakeside Lounge last October to celebrate a documentary being made on the band. (Martin talked about this in his excellent Rock Town Hall interview!) In case they play together again, I figured my suggested cover might be taken into consideration.

I don’t think Martin will mind my sharing his reply:

Yes I love this record! The remarkable thing is that the piano is played by Bob Andrews from ‘The Rumour’ although at the time of the recording he was in ‘Brinsley Schwarz’. How’s that for synchronicity or something!
Maybe my pocketful of potentially interesting things to say to favorite artists isn’t such a dumb idea after all. Next I’ll have to see if I can learn more about Bob Andrews’ participation in this recording!

  One Response to “Whaddayouknow?!?! Future Member of The Rumour Played on “Right Back Where We Started From””

  1. Maybe we could revive the RTH Recording Society, use it to put together some backing tracks for cover songs we’d like to hear, and then send them to people we’d like to have sing them. It would make it easier for them than if they had to put together an arrangement, teach it to the band, etc

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