May 292012

Guess who -- and no, it's not the Guess Who

Today we initiate a new chapter in the ongoing RTH series “Scavenger Hunt.” As you know, the basic idea here is to use the awesome rock-nerd brainpower of the Hall to find images or other relevant media on the Internet that enlighten and entertain, according to the whim of the contest quizmaster, i.e., me. I set the category within which one must search, and today, it’s that old chestnut: unusually excellent and otherwise noteworthy photos or videos of famous rockers before they were famous. You may either identify the artist you’ve re-discovered by name, or add to the fun by asking the Hall to chime in with an ID. I’ll start the proceedings off with the band featured above, which I choose not to identify.

I look forward to your responses.


PS – Remember this helpful hint by tonyola, if you want to post a photo from a site that includes the artist’s name in the URL:

If you want to hide the url, download the picture then upload it to


  355 Responses to “Scavenger Hunt: Before They Were Famous”

  1. diskojoe

    That’s the Band from the 50s-early 60s. I recognize Garth Hudson & Robbie Robinson at the end.

  2. misterioso

    Can we add to Dylan’s resume–on this his 71st birthday–that he saved these guys from an at best dubious fate?

  3. HVB, in terms of the guessing game aspect I’m not sure all know how to or are even able to post images within a comment. We can post links, but the URLs may give away the identity of the artist. I think this is a good excursion, but we’ll have to see how to best make it work. Thanks.

  4. cherguevarra

    Here’s a video I ran across recently:

    Also, I had posted an early photo of the Scorpions here a while back:

  5. How about this go-getter?

  6. tonyola

    Who is this serious-looking guy?

  7. Our Minister of Fun and Games, hrrundivbakshi, has asked that I post this photo. The guy in the middle is the one we need to identify.

  8. cherguevarra

    Ok try this one:

  9. Who’s the guy on the right?

  10. How about this adorable boy?
    Beautiful Boy

  11. Another courtesy of HVB:

  12. Another from hrrundivbakshi:

  13. And here’s one from me to you:

  14. No peeking at the full url when it appears in the link.

  15. Can I trust you guys not to look at the url in the link? If so, who’s this?

  16. hrrundivbakshi

    Who’s this rocker?

  17. Here a rocker that everyone should know:

  18. Good luck with this one:

    • trigmogigmo

      That photo needs a little cropping, because it reveals the answer in both corners. I can see the resemblance now!

      • Ah, I didn’t see the answer in the bottom left corner. I did think the “S” showing in the right corner might be a necessary clue. It’s Stevie Nicks. The look in someone’s eyes never changes, but I realized I never spent much time looking at her eyes. It was hard for me to see any resemblance without flowing skirts and feathered roach clips involved.

  19. hrrundivbakshi

    This is absolutely my favorite discovery thus far. There’s something about the vast difference — and yet the striking congruity — between this yearbook shot and the rock star we all know that I love.

  20. What I like about this photo is how much the kid could pass for a brother of our beloved E. Pluribus Gergely:

  21. cliff sovinsanity

    An easy one
    Who are the two young lads on the left in this pic?

  22. Here’s another good one passed along by the man, the myth…HVB!

  23. ladymisskirroyale

    Who’s this hottie?
    <a href=";

  24. Slim Jade

    An easy one. Just imagine her in Keith Richards’ garb.

  25. trigmogigmo

    This one might be easy if you hone in on familar features that did not change.

  26. Slim Jade

    Howsabout this lad with his dad?

  27. Slim Jade
    To me, this one is easy cuz he still has that stare.

  28. cliff sovinsanity

    Is it Mark E. Smith?

  29. underthefloat

    Henry Rollins?

  30. cherguevarra

    Who is our rockin’ hero on the right side of this photo?

  31. Slim Jade

    If I could play like this kid, I’d be this happy too!

  32. Slim Jade

    I have the feeling this performer hates that this photo exists

  33. Who’s this puppy lover?

  34. Here’s another fine young man:

  35. Slim Jade

    Definitely before he was famous:

  36. This wouldn’t fool anyone, but I love this shot of a footloose-and-fancy-free David Thomas:

  37. Who did this cute widdle baby girl grow up to be?

  38. Or this lad (the two have a connection)?

  39. Slim Jade

    At the time this musician was photographed, he and I were the DJ’s in a punk dive bar in Port Chester, NY.

  40. cherguevarra

    Ok, last one: Name this now all-grown-up superstar:

  41. This went unanswered above but I’ve changed the link to remove the artist’s name. (Thanks to tonyola for the tip about tinypics)

    This was the first of many Looks for this chap.

  42. hrrundivbakshi

    Sorry — I really wanted this thread to die peacefully, but I’ve happened upon a startling cache of portraits I simply must share. Who, for example, is this?

  43. hrrundivbakshi

    Totally diggin’ this rocker’s flowing 70s mane!

  44. hrrundivbakshi

    Lastly, there’s this one. Question: would you have been buds with this kid? He looks pretty deece to me; coulda counted on him to make a beer run with his older brother’s ID.

  45. hrrundivbakshi

    This kid, in contrast, was obviously a total dickhead:

  46. Slim Jade

    Charlie Watts?
    Nah, just kidding.


  47. ladymisskirroyale

    Recognize this cute, cuddly widdle baby?

  48. This kid’s got his shit together!

  49. Slim Jade

    My distaste for this guy is delightfully vindicated by this horrendous and embarrassing pic:

  50. Slim Jade

    How about the guitarist on the right?

  51. cherguevarra

    Here’s a link to a web page with 50 photos of interest, some of which have already been posted here:

    If Mr. Mod (or somebody) wants to delete this post and start adding these photos to the game, maybe that’s an option too. Or just take a look and be entertained.

  52. Name this future guitar slinger:

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