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SirLaurenceOblivious on Where have all the flowers gone?
Yeah, cute. But would anyone ever want to listen to this twice?
cdmcdm on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
Very cool Mike Campbell video. Aside from the deedley dee part towards the end, he makes it seem pretty easy.
BigSteveBigSteve on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
That clip chickenfrank posted was horrifying. I was and am a fan of the Dead during that period, and I'd no idea they had ever let Keith sing. Now I know why. Donna was helpful for harmony singing, but her intonation could be questionable in live settings. That was true of everybody else in the band too though.
geo on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
Boy, does he sound an awful lot like Petty when he talks. Nice guitar part breakout.
geo on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
Jesus, "theirs alone." I ALWAYS type the wrong format between contraction and possessive.
geo on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
Donna was not good and not popular with the fans. Keith was an excellent addition and is the keyboard that best supported the longer group improvisations. While I can't really recommend the movie that Happiness referenced, it does have some cool aspects. The music is mixed in such a way that it bumps up the volume of the specific performer in the visual shot. There is also a long instrumental passage in the middle of the movie, probably 20 minutes or so, on "Eyes of the World," one of those fast, jazzy numbers that they churned out in the late 70's. It's focused and exciting with the whole crew, especially Kreutzman, the sole drummer at that time, and Godchaux. I know it's not a popular opinion here, and while I'll concede plenty of the Dead criticisms here are totally founded, I do think they sometimes hit a spot that is there's alone. This is one of them.
trigmogigmotrigmogigmo on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
This just popped up on my Facebook feed -- interesting stuff from Mike Campbell. And coincidentally, near the end he talks about a key vocal part by Phil Seymour, who I mentioned above. (No mention of Jeff Jourard.)
cdmcdm on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
Good catch on the lip syncing elf. Sometimes when my band in college was playing, one of our friends used to mimic him for our entertainment. Keith and Donna are a head scratcher. His playing is a great fit for the Dead although he never played organ as far as I can recall. I guess Donna came as part of a package deal but I don't know a single Dead fan who has anything positive to say about her caterwauling. I had a friend suggest that Yoko play her in the movie. Inexplicably, she was a session singer at Muscle Shoals before she was in the Dead, and apparently sang on Suspicious Minds and When a Man Loves a Woman. I just imagine if I were a member of the band, most of my time in between songs would taken up with me saying things like, "Donna, are you sure you can hear yourself in the monitors?"
chickenfrank on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
I even spelled Greatful wrong!
chickenfrank on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
I'm not a Greatful Dead guy. I know what Jerry looks like, but I barely have an image of what any of the others look like. My only image of Bob Weir is that he wears really short cut-offs on stage, but I might not recognize him in long pants. I had no idea who Keith and Donna were so went to look for them. I found this: I know this is a site for opinions, but that is just objectively BAD, right? How did they end up in the Dead? I think this video, which might have aired on The Midnight Special, was an introduction to the Dead for me. The band is a bore to watch, but I was enthralled by the twirling hippy chicks and the elf at the foot of the stage doing an excellent dramatic lip sync to the song. I wish the camera was just fixed on the crowd.
geo on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
Happiness, I remember the guy reading the poem in the lobby. No Garcia involvement.
2000 Man2000 Man on Sparks Propaganda
I should probably watch that. I just took records to the record store yesterday to thin out the shelves a little, and I was talking to the guy at the counter because he gave me back a couple, mostly because the owner just doesn't like the artists and won't sell them (which I really like about the guy). I said, "At least you took that damned Sparks album. I bought it in 9th grade and I've hated it forever and every time I get rid of things it finds a way to stay on my shelf." He said, "There wasn't a Sparks album in there." I couldn't believe it. I got home and checked and for some reason it's not filed under "S," it's filed under "G." I swear it moves itself around so I can't find it.
2000 Man2000 Man on Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!
I've ruined a lot of days for other people with that clip. If you're talking to die hard Springsteen fans and you tell them that is the inspiration for the E Street Band, they take you seriously and get real mad. I don't know how you could take that seriously, but they do.
Happiness StanHappiness Stan on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
I think it fairly safe to say I'm unlikely to watch this. I once took something to keep me awake at an all night music film festival just before the Grateful Dead Live movie (in case I missed the films they were showing later) and spent the next hour and a half envying those snoozing around me. I should have packed an alarm clock, a mistake I wouldn't have made a second time. The only but I remember is where a fan who has travelled thousands of miles to see them reads an awful poem, possibly to Garcia in the lobby of the theatre, although I might have made it up The question also leaves me realising how out of touch I am with modern cinema and tv. My interest changed in my early twenties and there is a huge cultural void where my knowledge of even the most famous film stars ought to be. Tilda Swinton is the only one mentioned so far who I might recognise in the street, though I don't think I've watched any of her films. It doesn't help that Garcia and Bill Graham are the only ones on the list I'd be able to pick out of a lineup. I think I'll stick to Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer's Slade in Residence sketches.
cdmcdm on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
Mrs CDM suggests Mark Ruffalo as Bill Graham. She also suggested Timothy Chalamet for Bob Weir. I like to see Nicole Power from Kim's Convenience for 60's era Bobby. Jack Black is a great suggestion. And kudos to Mr Mod for the embarrassment of riches. Nick Offerman is inspired and the Tilda Swinton comment made me laugh out loud.
trigmogigmotrigmogigmo on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
Great work, chickenfrank! I've even read the Zanes bio on Petty, and don't recall mention of this historical detail. Interesting to search for info on Jeff Jourard. There isn't much. The Jourards are also from Gainsville, hence the early connection. He kind of started The Motels w/ Martha Davis a couple of years after this photo, but soon was replaced by her boyfriend on guitar before they took off. His brother Marty Jourard was a mainstay in that band (sax and keyboards). And later, after it was basically Martha Davis and Whoever The Record Producer Hired, for touring they filled the spot with former Stooge and future Heartbreaker touring sideman, Scott Thurston.
Mr. ModeratorMr. Moderator on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
Sweet find, chickenfrank! It turns out that Jeff when onto The Motels. I saw some article that mentioned that he's actually credited as having played on "Breakdown" and some other song from the first Petty album. There's a thread we've never done: Guys Who Just Missed It. Pete Best Jeff Jourard Dick Taylor, who founded The Pretty Things but who started with the Rolling Stones
Mr. ModeratorMr. Moderator on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
SirLaurenceOblivious, I've been meaning to welcome you to the Halls of Rock! I believe you're relatively new here. You are bringing it nicely!
chickenfrank on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
Ha! Found it. Here's the text from Pitchfork under that same photo. I prefer Permy. The Heartbreakers circa 1976, from left to right: Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Petty, brief member Jeff Jourard, Ron Blair, and Stan Lynch. (Photo by Ed Caraeff/Getty) Ed Caraeff/Getty Images
SirLaurenceOblivious on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
Old joke that, as Jack White says, bears repeating: What did one Deadhead say to the other after they ran out of pot? This music sucks!
BigSteveBigSteve on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
Jack Black as Pigpen maybe?
Mr. ModeratorMr. Moderator on Sparks Propaganda
I need to take one for the team and try watching this thing. I don't like Sparks at all. The guy with the Hitler mustache, looking up at me quizzically, is a deal-breaker, even before I get to the dreamboat brother and his 7-octave range. Ugh!
Mr. ModeratorMr. Moderator on Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!
Laugh of the Week!
Mr. ModeratorMr. Moderator on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
Man, you are sending me down a major rabbit hole. And it feels great!
Mr. ModeratorMr. Moderator on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
Fascinating! Maybe even terrifying, but thank god Marty got the gig and not Oliver Stone. At least actors will grow real facial hair. Unless... Scorsese builds upon his The Irishman technology and casts Touch of Gray-eligible actors and then makes them creepily "younger." In that case, I'm seeing... Matt Damon as Bobby Owen Wilson as Phil Lesh James Franco as Pigpen (he'll be on Bobby's Jake LaMotta diet) Dave Grohl as Mickey Hart Nick Offerman as Bill Kruetzman Tilda Swinton as Keith and Donna The Cookie Monster as Robert Hunter Robbie Robertson as Bill Graham
BigSteveBigSteve on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
A lot would depend on what period the film is going to cover. I'd recommend Acid Tests through Altamont, but Jonah Hill is already 37, the age Garcia was in 1979, when they were already in artistic decline, not to mention post-Pigpen. A much younger Keanu Reeves might have worked for Weir, or even Lesh. Sam Shepard was a drummer, and in his prime he could have played Kreutzmann. Maybe Kyle MacLachlan's rock biopic experience could get him the role of Bill Graham.
BigSteveBigSteve on Help Marty Cast The Grateful Dead Biopic
I think the only Jonah Hill movie I've seen is Gus Van Sant's Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot, and he was really good in that. But I am not on board with this. What are the chances this movie will be watchable, even with Scorcese directing? I'd prefer a documentary.
cdmcdm on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
He looks familiar but like someone I've only seen in passing in a video or something. Is he a member of Night Ranger? The unholy lovechild of Kevin Cronin and Steve Lukather?
chickenfrank on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
How embarrassed was Stan when he arrived at the studio and realized he had forgotten to put a shirt on before he threw is leather coat on?
Scott (the other one)Scott (the other one) on Photo Bomber or Lost Heartbreaker?
It's Permy, the long-lost Wilbury.
Happiness StanHappiness Stan on Sparks Propaganda
I finally got to see them live four years ago and they were even better than I dared to imagine. Russell's voice is stunning, there was only one high note he missed during the show, and he nailed it the next time around and all others after in the song. I've barely scraped an acquaintance with any of their music after about 1975, but am very glad they're still there. Looking forward to seeing the movie. I'm not sure if it's available over there, but Netflix here currently has Rock and Roll's Greatest Failure: Otway the Movie available. We watched it as a family recently and it is a total hoot.
trigmogigmotrigmogigmo on Sparks Propaganda
Just finished it -- that was really very enjoyable. Quite a few "oh, yeah, that's right..." moments for me. They seem like a couple of good eggs.
BigSteveBigSteve on Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!
I finally got around to watching the video. Good lord. It would take more than a bunch of blow to get me that animated while miming to a pre-recorded track. That's actually all of the original members of Spirit, surrounded by ... friends of the band?
chickenfrank on Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!
Are we sure they are getting enough of a beat? There are only 2 drummers, 2 bongo players, and 3 other guys playing percussion. I like the outfits; the bare-chested space commander singer, the guy inspired by John Candy's Queen Haters on drums, the middle school music teacher at his retirement party wearing his cray-zee yellow musical notation shirt going at the tambourine. A guy in full black leather, and a guy in full orange pleather. What the hell is Skunk doing? He gets a chair to start, and hops up when inspired? When the other guy does a solo, he's right up in his face trying to summon demons out of the guitar. I think I'd tell Skunk to sit the fuck back down.
SirLaurenceOblivious on Sparks Propaganda
One problem with Sparks is that you cannot recommend to someone a signature song because they have shifted shapes so many times over the semi-century. If you survey their various best-ofs, you'll find completely different compilations. Personally, I love their first album and the 'Whomp That Sucker/Angst in My Pants' period. Their most recent stuff 'Hippopotamus' and 'A Steady Drip Drip Drip' are chock full of wonders. I have no use for their electro-disco stuff. The Edgar Wright doc is full of delights such as (of course) Ron drives a VW Thing.
cdmcdm on Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!
I had no idea, Scott. Interesting!
chickenfrank on Sparks Propaganda
I don't know Sparks music, but I'll be willing to watch the doc. Superficial, but you can't ignore the elephant in the room: the one guy sported a Hitler-adjacent mustache! That always ensured to me that they weren't to be taken seriously. They were a big joke without that funny a punchline. I'm sure there is more to them than that, but that one look always told me to move along.
Scott (the other one)Scott (the other one) on Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!
TIL Jay Ferguson composed the theme song to "The Office."
geo on Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!
It was extremely competent, but definitely not an upgrade.
cdmcdm on Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!
Good eye on the Skunk Walk. And I like the song too. This version just took a lot out of me.
geo on Supergroup? Or Super Duper Group? You decide!
Surprising how thoroughly scripted and detailed that thing is. My favorite moment is the "Skunk Walk" dance moves accompanying the percussion solo starting at 2:09. Hang in, he does get a second little feature that tops his initial shot. I think "I Got a Line on You" is a great record and the fact that it was not an absolute staple of the "Classic Rock" format is a true indictment of the narrowcasting of that format.
geo on Sparks Propaganda
I'm not going to feel too guilty, since I wasn't really trying to come between them, but to point out that Zander seemed to sell similar silliness with a degree of ... shall we say, "authenticity."
cdmcdm on Sparks Propaganda
After you watch the movie, you will realize that you are monsters for trying to come between Ron and Russell.
trigmogigmotrigmogigmo on Sparks Propaganda
I'm looking forward to streaming it. My familiarity with Sparks is superficial and limited, but I like the little bit I know. I think for most of us it's difficult to really get into new artists or back catalogs as much as we all surely did when we had endless hours to listen on repeat and absorb it until it became part of our souls. So I don't expect to actually go too much deeper on Sparks... "I Predict" is funny and witty. I like it. My introduction to "This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us" was on the Siouxsie and the Banshees album "Through the Looking Glass" -- which I'm a little embarrassed to say that although I listened to that album a lot, I was oblivious to the fact that it was ALL covers! Once I got tipped to that fact it led me to a few new-to-me things from the original artists. Like "Hall of Mirrors" by Kraftwerk -- cool! That's pretty much my Sparks depth!
BigSteveBigSteve on Sparks Propaganda
I love the idea of ditching Russell, especially since his Look has deteriorated so drastically. I recently tried to listen to some of the later albums, since I really only know (and like well enough) the Kimono/Propaganda/Indiscreet era, but that was a no go. I don't believe in authenticity, and I don't think music always has to be super-serious, but I also can't stand the approach that everything is just one big fucking joke. Speaking of which it seems appropriate that Weird Al just showed up on Youtube playing This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us as a solo accordion piece. Thanks for the tip on the doc being on Netflix though.
geo on Sparks Propaganda
I thought about going to the theater to see this one, but I did not get there. I just found out that it is on Netflix and I intend to catch it there. I have at least one friend that has loved this band since their 70's heyday. I never went for them, although I might love them compared to someone like Rush or Journey. Thinking about it, my problems are that the songs are too cute and that pinched, dramatic delivery of Russell doesn't work for me. Maybe Ron should ditch Russell and hire Robin Zander so I could better appreciate them. I think of "Surrender" as a pun free Sparks song if such a thing exists, and Zander strikes just the right tone.
chickenfrank on Count Me Out…And In!
The Beatles are serial counters. They count in I Saw Her Standing There, Taxman, Sgt Pepper reprise, and open Yer Blues with a laconic 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4 are even the first lyrics of All Together Now.
al on Count Me Out…And In!
EPG, what makes this day different from all the rest?
BigSteveBigSteve on Count Me Out…And In!
E. Pluribus Gergely on Count Me Out…And In!
"Taxman." Right??!!!! Am I missing something here?!!!

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