Feb 092007

Live Review 02/08/06
Jonathan Richman feat. Tommy Larkins @ Johnny Brenda’s, Philadelphia, PA

Jonathan Richman is the buskering “Everyman.” His Look: a plain white t-shirt, plain white sneakers, unkempt hair, probably 3 days of unshaven beard, and a pair of black pants. You almost expect your Mom to pop out and say, “What did he, roll out of bed in that shirt?” And even before then, this is when you do believe that the guy spent weeks sleeping on someone’s couch in NY to gather his ideas and get his start, catch some Velvet Underground shows, and go on to form The Modern Lovers.

The first song that I ever heard by Jonathan Richman, was out of my first boyfriend’s older brother’s record collection; the song, “Ice Cream Man” (this same collection of Jim’s also brought us The Clash, The Jam, Billy Bragg, and The Blue Aeroplanes). I remember alternately loving that song, hating that song, and then loving that song again (it seemed to go on forever!) – but even Jonathan Richman has a sense of humour about his music as he knowingly sang last night, “…you will love me or you will hate me”. Continue reading »


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