Jul 062020

Not ready for a name change to “Beato.”
John “Classical Gas” Kerry
Mike “Family Man” Huckabee
Bill “I Did Not Have Sax With That Woman” Clinton

  15 Responses to “Battle Royale: Political Figures Who Rock”

  1. ladymisskirroyale

    Check this out: Bailey keeps her sense of humor intact, Nixon looks pretty…well, take a look for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7hLY91FU0k

  2. Wow, ladymisskirroyale, how did I, a founding member of a band named after that ivory tickler, never see that clip before? I think we’ve got our uber-serious Ray Manzarek character in this political band.

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    I have gone down a musical rabbit hole. Unfortunately there are too many politicians who think they can play music. This is perhaps my favorite:

  4. Wow, that Foss clip. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  5. LMKR, I would have guessed that was Anita Bryant. What is with her stiff old lady hair-style? The lack of talent is unsurprising.

  6. Happiness Stan

    No election night in Britain was complete without the cameras cutting to whichever constituency this gentleman was standing on the day. Despite standing 39 times as a prospective parliamentary candidate for the National Teenage Party, many of whose policies were late enshrined in law, and latterly the Monster Raving Loony party, which he founded in the eighties, he never received more than a thousand votes and lost the deposit candidates have to put forward to discourage the frivolous.

    There are lots of versions of this on YouTube, the audience reaction on this 1964 clip, before people knew what was coming next, gets me every time


  7. ladymisskirroyale

    H. Stan, that clip is very impressive! While I hadn’t heard of him before, Mr. Royale was well aware of his music, as he enjoys the ol visionary/crackpot/genius. Question, though: did he start out in “music” and then move to politics (see Sonny Bono) or the other way around?

  8. The Japanese Ambassador clip was great, but that better be an American Strat!

  9. Funny how easy it is to be nostalgic about Nixon these days. Wonder why that is?

  10. Wow! Sarah makes Nixon shine.

  11. Happiness Stan

    Hi LMK, even though he started in music, and doesn’t strictly count, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share the clip. He was spectacularly unsuccessful in both careers, unfortunately, though whether ultimately he intended to be is probably moot.

    He was probably better known as a failed politician when he killed himself in his late fifties, the gutter press always presented him as a threat to the national way of life, most people just thought he was taking the p, which he was, along with crying for help.

    Our prime minister for nearly half of the seventies, Edward Heath, was an accomplished classical pianist, and conducted orchestras, but hardly fare for the Hall. Until recently there was a bunch of MPs who were also a pretty uninspiring pub covers band.

    Failing to take oneself far too seriously is the kiss of death for British politicians. Apart from ohserving that narcissism and self delusion have been commodities in even greater supply than usual amongst those who put themselves forward to lead us over the last five years at least, I’ll stop there.

  12. That Screaming Lord Sutch clip is great, Happiness Stan! He’s one of those people whose name I’ve always heard, but I don’t think I’d ever heard a lick of his music or knew anything about him. The music is pretty convincing, as far as hokey Vampire Rock goes, but the reactions from the audience are priceless.

  13. Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter fronting the Roots. I’m pretty sure he’s got a repertoire of one song. His enthusiasm almost overcomes his lack of chops/stage presence/charisma/middle aged dad stage wear.


  14. Michael “Mic Drop” Nutter is in the lead! I forgot about that historic moment.

  15. Happiness Stan

    Cheers Mr Mod, I very much enjoyed the Japanese ambassador, also, thanks for posting it.

    I never got around to seeing the Lord live, not sure why as he was always doing the rounds. His With Heavy Friends album is a bit ploddy and unmemorable, it should have been his big moment but suffers from trying to sound like the Who or Zep without the songs to back it up.

    I just started watching the sixties documentary about him on YouTube, which looks like it was based on the same gig as that clip.

    Next time Mrs H makes herself scarce of an evening I’m intending to watch it with our youngest, as he’s just getting into music and think he’ll dig the theatrical aspects.

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