Feb 152011

Not that I ever wished for Ellen Foley, specifically, to cover one of my favorite slightly obscure, early Rolling Stones deep cutz, but yikes! Maybe some other day I’ll find a cover of “Stupid Girl” that lives up to my hopes.

What cover of a favorite obscure song are you sorry ever came to fruition?


  16 Responses to “Careful What You Wish For…”

  1. I don’t really have an example for the asked question, but I can tell you that over at Radio Free Fernie on the web, they play nothing but covers all the time. I have an app on my iPod that streams the station and last night I heard some godawful cover of a beloved Joe Jackson tune sung by some clueless chickie.

    Is it worth bringing up Linda Rondstadt’s terrible covers of four Elvis Costello tunes? “Alison” in her hands was just baaaaaad.

  2. misterioso

    I pretty much feel this way about almost all of the tribute albums out there…I know people have had kind words for the Leonard Cohen one, for example, but I would like to see a moratorium on these things. I would be hard pressed to think of one I would want to listen to. Nine times out of ten, the fleeting thought, “Oh, well, that sounds like a cool idea for So-and-So to sing that…” proves dead wrong. I have the Dylan “I’m Not There” soundtrack, for instance. I liked the movie, basically. Will I ever listen to the soundtrack? I will not.

  3. “I would be hard pressed to think of one I would want to listen to.”

    I liked a lot of the Victoria Williams tribute Sweet Relief, but that’s probably because I find her voice so grating, despite the fact that she has written some fantastic songs. In fact, I’m not crazy about a lot of the bands that were on that tribute (Pearl Jam, Soul Asylum, Evan Dando) but I really liked their versions of her songs.

  4. misterioso

    “Soul Asylum….(shivers in horror)….”

  5. I hear you, but I’ll still defend their version of Summer of Drugs.

  6. Agreed on Summer of Drugs — best song on that album.

    P.S. Minneapolis native who has to defend Soul Asylum — love “We 3” off And the Horse They Road in On — and “Somebody to Shove” off Grave Dancers Union.

  7. How did Soul Asylum disappear so fast? One guy died, right? Was that the second-in-command guy? Is Dave Pirner homeless or something? I thought they were all right, but what do I know? I liked them as much as or better than The Replacements. “Somebody to Shove” was a very good song.

  8. BigSteve

    I think it’s one of those things where having a huge hit actually ruins your career. I know Dave Pirner had been living in New Orleans for a while at the time of Katrina, but I’m not sure he still lives there. I think Soul Asylum still exists, and at one point Tommy Stinson was covering the bass after their original bassist died.

  9. Mmm…did the lyrics of “Runaway Train” specify a particular train by name? I smell a Last Man Standing opportunity… I didn’t mind that song, either. It was like their “Night Moves.” No one in the Hall holds that song against Seger, do they?

  10. BigSteve

    I mean yes.

  11. You’re just trying to pick a fight. Or be hurtful.

  12. misterioso

    Am I crazy or did Mod write: “I liked them as much as or better than The Replacements.”

    Oh, do tell.

  13. I’ll see you on the Soul Asylum thread…

  14. 2000 Man

    Wow. That video is really bad! I always liked Ellen Foley, but probably because I liked Night Court before Markie Post better than after (post?) Markie Post. Now I think maybe I don’t like Ellen Foley very much.

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