Aug 102012

Perhaps because The Inquirer did not come to us for content. If the newspaper industry is now so desperate to keep up with Web content that it’s buying content originally published on blogs, why shouldn’t newspapers make it rain on Rock Town Hall?

Come to us, Kansas City Star, when you want to fill space with a series on Pub Rock Also-Rans.

Come to us, Cleveland Plain Dealer, when you want to run a Critical Upgrade on The Rolling Stones’ Undercover lp.

Come to us, Washington Post, when you’re looking for a piece that addresses rock ‘n roll and button-fly jeans.

CONTENT FOR SALE. Newspaper publishers, make an offer.


  One Response to “Content for Sale: All Views Fit to Print”

  1. misterioso

    Mod, no doubt context matters. I saw this article yesterday as a link (to the actual Slate article and not the phony-baloney lame-ass Philly Inquirer repackaging) on the Dylan news site Expecting Rain. My initial disappointment over the fact that EC has not actually written a memoir led to seconds of pleasure when I remembered that I bought and still have all or most of the Rhino reissues.

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