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Round 2 of Classic Conference

Four matches will determine the fate of the 8 teams surviving Round 1 of Classic Conference tournament play. As in the opening round of play, please use this space to argue for your favorite backing band in each contest, using any or all of the following criteria, including criteria not listed here:

  • Ability to support the bandleader’s musical agenda/vision
  • Additional musical contribution to the bandleader’s sound/vision
  • Look and other supporting “rock superhero powers”
  • Catchiness of backing band’s name

Round 2 of Classic Conference play runs through Wednesday, December 21 at 11:59 am. You may log your vote on each contestant in the Round 2 games through the polls on the following page.

Round 2, Classic Conference: The E-Street Band (1) vs Wings (8)

  • The E-Street Band (64%, 14 Votes)
  • Wings (36%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 22

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Round 2, Classic Conference: The Heartbreakers (5) vs Crazy Horse (4)

  • Crazy Horse (54%, 13 Votes)
  • The Heartbreakers (46%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 24

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Round 2, Classic Conference: Big Brother & the Holding Company (11) vs The Spiders from Mars (3)

  • The Spiders from Mars (83%, 19 Votes)
  • Big Brother & the Holding Company (17%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 23

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Round 2, Classic Conference: The Blackhearts (10) vs The Silver Bullet Band (2)

  • The Silver Bullet Band (61%, 14 Votes)
  • The Blackhearts (39%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 23

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  17 Responses to “Round 2, Classic Conference: Rock’s Greatest Backing Band Tournament Continues!”

  1. cactustree69

    I think the winner of this is obvious already…there is one band on the list that towers over all of the others

  2. Silver Bullet Band, of course!

  3. alexmagic

    The Blackhearts have weathered the early storm and are in this, down only 9-5 at the moment. They’re actually doing better than the Heartbreakers are in their match. That “Vote No No No No No” campaign being run by Joan Jett’s people against Camp Seger is paying off. This can happen, people!

    Wings are only down 8-4 at the moment, I’d like to see them make this a fight. Laurence Juber is due.

  4. I am aghast that Crazy Horse are losing to the Heartbreakers. Exactly how many journeyman rockers are required to make it to the Final Four?

  5. I’m amazed too, although truth be told there are many fine arguments that can be made that Crazy Horse kind of sucks as a band. It could be argued that “all they do” is sludge along in slow-motion behind Neil Young, who takes all the solos, creates all the shifts in dynamics. I’m not sure where I stand on Crazy Horse, especially because Neil Young’s “rocking” music blows chunks when he’s NOT backed by those guys. However, half of Young’s great catalog has little to no involvement from Crazy Horse.

    Tom Petty, on the other hand, would be WAY more pedestrian without such a SOLID journeyman-style backing band. Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench are key to the success of his, let’s call them efficient songs. Stan Lynch was huge, too, when he was in the band – and not just in stature.

    For musical reasons and value to their leader, I actually went against my instincts and voted for the Heartbreakers. I’ll take Neil Young over Petty any day of the week, but this tournament shouldn’t give undue weight to the backing bands’ leaders.

  6. I have always had an unexpectedly high degree of hatred for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, but I’ve been watching a lot of DVR’d episodes of Freaks and Geeks the past couple of weeks. The show’s use of “Bad Reputation” as its theme song makes me reconsider whether that band had any merit. I’m starting to think that the fact that I briefly found a silk-bloused Steve Perry hotter than a leather-clad Joan Jett plays a huge role in this. I know it’s not right, but she’s a major soft-on for me. The band’s commitment to playing STOOPID (like that of The Ramones, another band I shouldn’t find so hard to like) has also been tough for me to swallow, but they’re not bad. I don’t know how they can overcome the Silver Bullet Band, though.

  7. I probably buy into the cult of Neil more than I should, but I still give Crazy Horse props for being amazing while rarely fulfilling prescribed notions regarding taste, chops, look etc., while still backing a guy who can be, in his own way, as much of a tight-ass as Lou Reed, Mike Love, Van Morrison and other RTH Heroes of Atrocious Social Manners.

    I think Crazy Horse and the Rumour should’ve maybe switched conferences.

  8. Seeding is not an exact science; I know what you mean. There’s still plenty of time for Crazy Horse to make their push. A few great cases can be made for them to move forward. (For better or for worse, it could be argued they’re like multi-headed Meg White.)

  9. Mod’s defense of the Heartbreakers is pretty convincing if you discount the fact that Petty’s solo albums contain lots of members of the band and sound pretty similar to the albums he records with the band.

    That said, I will still have to take Crazy Horse for being there when Neil’s got that bash-it-out attitude. I can remember lots of stories about Danny Whitten and Poncho Sampredo from Shakey but I probably wouldn’t pick up a Petty bio to read about any of the Heartbreakers.

  10. Happiness Stan

    Fantastic description of CH Mr M! However, in their defence I would offer this clip of the ‘Orse sludging along behind Ian McNabb at Glastonbury in what was an absolute belter of a set from the years before the big fence went up and the rains set in in perpetuity. That’s me down the front…

  11. Who are you, the cameraman? Is this why you seem to be the King of Glastonbury festivals? You need to write a book on these shows!

  12. Happiness Stan

    No such luck, I was joking about spotting myself, but I am in there somewhere. I’m very fortunate to have some good friends who run workshops down there who have invited me along regularly, and also lucky to have started going in the years when it didn’t sell out in half an hour and you could walk into any local record shop a couple of days before a buy tickets over the counter. I’ve been to about twenty, but know quite a few people who have been to far more than that! It gets into your blood, and I’ve been quite moody and antsy during the last couple which I’ve missed.

    It was a fantastic set and I was really surprised to find that clip, with CH sounding very much like CH despite not having NY in front of them, and thought others in the Hall might enjoy it as well.

  13. That was a good case for Crazy Horse’s firm style as a backing band. Thanks.

  14. Heartbreakers-Crazy Horse battle is heating up!

  15. cactustree69

    got me! 😉

  16. cactustree69

    there’s no slowing down with the Silver Bullet tonight

  17. Crazy Horse pulls ahead by half a length!

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