Nov 182011

So much troubles me about this clip: the anachronistically grainy, washed-out look of it and the in-your-face camera angles for starters. The band must have been terrified to have some kid jamming his Hipstamatic video phone device in their faces. And what’s with that Deadhead backdrop? Does this thing take place in a club, a frat, a shrine to Jerry? No one in the crowd seems capable of generating any real energy, even after the main singer announces around the 3:30 mark that he wants to see more energy. Yet the crowd keeps dancing (badly), singing along (out of key), raising their plastic beer cups to the camera. The whole thing makes me nauseous, yet I can’t turn away from it. See if you can make it through. RTH Labs believes this may be the whitest crowd ever captured on video. I don’t think this is what Eric Burdon had in mind…


  8 Responses to “RTH Labs Uncovers Possibly the Most Disturbing Footage of White Youths Rocking to an Uninspired Cover of “Electric Avenue” Ever!”

  1. So much wrong…

    The rhythm section swings like a brick. I can play drums like that. I would never call myself a drummer.

    The girl at 1:18 who says she “loves this song.” How did she even know what song it was? The band hadn’t started singing yet. If it wasn’t for the thread title, I never would have been able to even guess.

    The 10-second fill by said drummer at 1:58. Why?

  2. BINGO on all points, Scott! The RTH Glossary may have a new term to add to describe that fill by the drummer: Mercy Killing Fill. I think he was trying to put that thing out of its mercy before it went any further. Mad props to the drummer’s heroic effort! What do you think?

  3. mockcarr

    Reminds me of those free-for-alls at the end of frat parties where half the people on stage wouldn’t know how the song they were playing goes. No drum break here? NOW there is. I enjoy the bass player getting bored about halfway in and doing that glissando, doubtless wondering when it will end, and noodling – I sure have been there. I wonder what temperature it was in that room, every band member seems to have dressed for a different season.

    Oh, and the blonde girls aren’t drunk enough, the high level in their plastic cups is tell-tale. On the bright side, soon that liquid will certainly be spilled on one of those baseball cap wearing tools further back.

  4. 2000 Man

    Scott, you’re dead on about that girl and her premonition of what song it was. I chalked it up to her being a little plowed and the band being really bad.

    The best thing is the singer that claps and keeps smacking the mic. My first thought was, “that must not be his, because he’s gonna break it.” Low and behold, later he’s standing there trying to fix it.

    It also looks like the kind of bar where you can get food, but there’s no place to sit and eat it and they wonder why no one ever buys food.

  5. mockcarr

    Looks like they used to throw the food against the wall behind the group instead of eating it. Probably safer.

  6. I like it!

  7. cliff sovinsanity

    1.What’s even worse about the clapping is at around the 2:20 mark when the guy with the mic starts clapping on the 1 and the 3.
    2.Did anyone notice the guy singing the song is also “holstering”.
    3.The lead singer can’t get the crowd to “EH-OH” on the right beat.

  8. Good Lord! If there was ever a band that required extreme inebriation from its audience, it would be this clown klatch. Abominable!

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