Jul 272009

Happy birthday, Mick.


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  1. “The Best of Mick Jagger” is his time with The Rolling Stones, not this stuff. Wandering Spirit was ok, the rest were pretty bad.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    What? No “Jamming With Edward”?

  3. May go down in history as the worst best of collection ever. The Tosh duet is the best thing here … that track should have remained a single.

    Mick minus Keith = Leo Sayer. ’nuff said.

  4. alexmagic

    I like that they describe it as stunning, which isn’t necessarily untrue. I can’t believe he got Lennon to produce one of those new songs. That guy hasn’t worked with anyone in years. Mick sure has some pull.

    Seeing the clips again, I wonder: was it ever determined who was worse in the “Dancing In The Streets” video?

  5. Memo From Turner is on this collection too so between that and Walk And Don’t Look Back, you have a nice double A side single.

    Mod and Big Steve: What’s worse, this collection or the Raspberries Greatest Hits that you guys were slagging off a while back?

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    Bowie wins the JaBo dance-off showdown, thanks to his salsified “…in the streets of Brah-ZIL!” moment.

  7. BigSteve

    Tough call. The Raspberries don’t have anything as interesting as Memo From Turner, but the Jagger collection has that gargantuan carbon footprint that is not justified by its actual worth.

    If only we could get the Raspberries in the studio with Lenny Kravitz, then we could make a more direct comparison.

  8. Not Jagger-related, but an Onion headline worth posting, I thought: http://is.gd/1RuEZ

  9. This is a “best of” that is actually not as good as any of the full length records (and this IS a BEST OF not greatest hits)

    The three solo songs of his I like are NOT on this (all from Primitive Cool and WAY better than “Let’s Work”)

    Kow Tow
    Shoot Off Your Mouth
    Primitive Cool

  10. Hey, BigSteve and DBuskirk (and anyone else who wants to chime in),

    Coltrane’s Interstellar Space is $2.99 today at Amazon.com’s MP3 store. Worth getting? I’m a Impulse!-era Coltrane fan, especially Impressions.

  11. BigSteve

    I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that one. A duet album with drummer Rashied Ali? Think I’m going to go spend $2.99!

  12. That was enough incentive for me!

All-Star Jam

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Feb 232007

Talk about what ever you want but for my 2 cents, these guys are The Monkees of the 70s, not KISS.


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  1. sammymaudlin

    Hmmmm. Let’s see:

    They put a safe bubblegum spin on the popular British music of the day.

    Most of their songs were written for them.

    They literally covered an Archies song.

    Session musicians were used on albums.

    Had a large teen following.

    They eventually rebelled against the imposed image and the songwriters.

    They went with their own stuff and had some success.

    Laughed at, at the time by more serious minded rock fans, they have been given a critical upgrade in hindsight.

    OK. Works for me.

  2. Mr. Moderator

    Works for me, so far, although their roots are so hot on the heels of The Monkees that I wonder if it counts as much. Also, they never had unique identies until the count-off of this song, did they? Still, not a bad suggestion.

    I don’t remember seeing this clip of them before. I never realized how great their Look was.

    Watching VH1 Classics this morning I saw a most frightening video from my teen years: Journey singing “Lovin’ Huggin’ Squeezin'” (or whatever that song’s called) in concert. This was similar to a performance I saw when I was about 14 or 15, which caused great confusion. As the song started, I kept my eyes peeled on the singer’s low-cut silk blouse, hoping for a good breast shot. Eventually, the camera pulled back to show this “woman” packing some serious heat in “her” leather pants. Shortly thereafter, the lyrics to “Lola” made perfect sense.

  3. I’ve seen that Journey video! Steve Perry’s look in that thing is indeed really something. Adding to the confusion, his microphone is so big it’s like a phallic symbol on a phallic symbol.

    Also, Neal Schon’s ‘fro defies gravity.

  4. I love you guys. I came in for the seriousness, but left with the laughter.

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