Jul 272009

I’ve got something to confess. Although I’m known for my fair-balanced impersonal moderation of Rock Town Hall, there are times in which I struggle to maintain my balance, times when I need to catch myself and say, Hey, it’s about them, not me! Last night was one of those times.

I had the following post ready to load, until a force that’s hard to explain made me think better of it. It’s not enough that I thought better of posting what I wanted to post; I feel compelled to share with you the depths to which I almost sunk…after the jump!

Here’s what I wrote and nearly posted to use Rock Town Hall – your Rock Town Hall – for blatantly self-promotional purposes:

HEAD FOR SALE: You can now order the new Nixon’s Head album, Enemies List, on CD or vinyl (w/digital download). Operators are standing by…

I thank whatever higher power stopped me from sinking that far! I probably would have told you about the ability to order the CD through CD Baby and, any day now, Not Lame. Man, that would have been lame.


As an act of contrition, I promise to facilitate the promotional efforts of any active, contributing Townsperson who is on the verge of sinking to such self-promotional depths. Feel free to contact me if you’ve got your own new music ready to launch. We’ll make it easy for you to get the word out in a way that’s free of the shame I nearly brought upon myself.

Thanks for listening.


  18 Responses to “RTH Confessional: Mr. Mod Admits, “I Almost Used Rock Town Hall for Blatant Self-Promotion!””

  1. Well, you seem to have caught yourself just in time, and thank God for that.

    Fellow Townsfolk, I would encourage you to pick up this newly minted gem. I’ve given it several spins in the past few days and can say with confidence that it kicks ass. My Black Mood is the one that is currently stuck in my head on a loop.

  2. I would take you up on your offer Mod, but my band is simply the Alda to Nixon’s Head’s Groucho.

  3. 2000 Man

    My Black Mood is terrific. I like English Envy a lot, too. It cracks me up every time it gets to the line about asking where the tube station or the loo is.

  4. Thank Chickenfrank for both of those numbers 2K Man.

    And thanks for the props, CDM. Mr Mod may have a conflict of interest, but Chicken and I don’t.

    BUY OUR RECORD, please?

  5. I think we should set up a blatant self promotion link maybe? (or is this to get it our of our systems?)

    I will refrain from promoting my own band, and instead promote my brother’s group (although I did record this at my studio and play bass on the record)


    …ok, now I feel a little bit dirty

  6. Mr. Moderator

    Seriously, feel free to write me offline (jim [at] groovedisques [dot] com) if you want to pass along what you’ve got cooking. The Back Office and I have been kicking some ideas around. We’ve got a loyal, fun community around here; there’s no reason the Hall can’t give something back now and then.

  7. Honestly, it might be nice to have a little RTH Nook where members could post shameless “What I’m up to” information. Maybe a side link that would lead to a comments page that would be held permanently. If you’ve got something that might be interesting, you just post a comment and fill us in. It would be interesting not only for musical events but other stuff like “I’m writing for…” etc. I’d occasionally be a content provider, but I’d actually be interested in seeing what other RTHers are up to, particularly ones that are but a screen name to me.

  8. By the way, your self restraint is admirable.

  9. No need for everyone to hide their light under a bushel.

    I say let it fly on the Main Stage. If it gets out of control, I’m sure the group will let the offending party know it their usual diplomatic way.

  10. It would be interesting to hear what other RTH’ers do all day when not listening to music. I tend to picture all our occupations as the grumpy guy in the record shop who won’t work the cash…

  11. saturnismine

    geo, i had requested a little niche on rth for said purposes, and got fah-LAMED for it, mostly by hvb.

    i can’t remember the fears they had about setting up such a kiosk-type thingy, but most of them seemed preventable to me. it was an argument i couldn’t not sustain, however.

    oh, and by the way:

    photon band @ JohnnyBrendas tomorrow night w/ capitol years.

    the ‘years’ go on at 10.30, the PB goes on at 11.30.

    and one more thing: this nixon’s head album is GOOD STUFF. you guys are getting better!

  12. diskojoe

    Count me in for having a link to have Townspeople hawk their wares.

    I also enjoyed Enemies List. I have played it more times than the Stiff Generation CD.

    Finally, Mr. Mod should toot his horn about his Overlooked Gems of My Lifetime blog. I just stumbled over it a couple of days ago & enjoy reading it.

  13. hrrundivbakshi

    Sat said:

    geo, i had requested a little niche on rth for said purposes, and got fah-LAMED for it, mostly by hvb.

    I say:

    Huh? I don’t remember that. I got no problem with a “Whadda You Got?” section. I prefer not to see that stuff show up on the main stage, though.

  14. Mr. Moderator

    This is healthy feedback. I’m glad some good is resulting from sharing with you my near-descent into blatant self-promotion.

    I don’t recall Sat being “fah-LAMED” for this suggestion long ago, necessarily, but we may have raised our collective nose to the idea of an ugly little area for the posting of shows and goings on by people who had no other care for the Halls of Rock EXCEPT for their desparate promotional efforts. Now that The Back Office and I have got a sense of the rhythm to how we function on this public blog – and have seen just how much attempted spam is waiting to descend on us (see the unfortunate discontinuation of the write-in vote option for our polls) – I’m sure we can look into a workable answer to these needs. Keep up the suggestions and dialog, and we’ll throw some ideas back at you in the coming weeks. And don’t forget the cautionary tale that spurred this important post!

  15. “photon band @ JohnnyBrendas tomorrow night w/ capitol years.”

    Rats! I will be down at the shore this weekend but I’d really would have liked to have gone. I’ve never seen you guys or the Capital Years.

    I just checked out the Photon Band’s Myspace site and really liked the stuff you have posted. Does aka records carry your discs?

  16. saturnismine

    Oh, so now nobody remembers, eh? Well that’s just GREAT.

    no need to hash over the details. perhaps my memory is faulty.

    cdm, thanks!

    aka has a photon band section. and if it’s empty, they’ll order for you. if that’s a problem, let me know, and i’ll hook you up!

  17. Yes, the sanctity of The Hall. Will we still have enough room for endless pontificating if we add a section for “what you’re up to”?? Good way to minimize see each other in person opportunities.

    Of course we want access to that info and music. Anyone who wants to put their cojones out there, let’s listen to it. Just not “pick which mix of my demo is best out of these five”.

  18. BigSteve

    I wanted to chime in with a thumbs up on Enemies List too. I’m going to send detailed notes to the Mod when I can spend more time with it. I’ve been traveling, and I’m currently having a long weekend in Montgomery AL. Yesterday we ate at Dreamland Barbecue and visited Hank Williams’ grave too. A guy who was also on a pilgrimage had parked his truck in the shade at the cemetery and was playing Hank’s music loud enough to be heard at the monument, which was pretty cool. Audrey controlled Hank’s legacy after he dies, and the tomb is a symmetrical affair, with her grave as large as his. That’s kind of ridiculous, but so it goes. More eating and sweating today, and then back to KC tomorrow.

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