Jul 012011

Equal opportunity crap?

Interesting article here.


  12 Responses to “How did I miss this, miss?”

  1. BigSteve

    I’d seen the Iron maidens on youtube. I didn’t know this was a trend.

  2. 2000 Man

    At least The Donnas write their own stuff. I was looking at some of my heavy metal records the other day, and I played a stack of them. I looked them up on ebay and I can make some money and buy records I will actually listen to again if I sell them, but I haven’t made up my mind.

    I don’t like Judas Priestess. I don’t like Little Kiss, either. I think I just don’t like tribute bands.

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    Don’t forget Lez Zeppelin.

    It’s kind of sad that this seems to be where the rrriot girls have gone – they’ve joined tribute bands.

  4. Also AC/DShe and Hell’s Belles

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