Mar 082012

Clip courtesy of a should-be Townsman.

This is your Rock Town Hall!

If you’ve already got Back Office privileges and can initiate threads, by all means use your privileges! If you’d like to acquire such privileges, let us know. If you’ve got a comment that needs to be made, what are you waiting for? If you’re just dropping in and find yourself feeling the need to scat, don’t hesitate to register and post your thoughts. The world of intelligent rock discussion benefits from your participation. If nothing else, your own Mr. Moderator gets a day off from himself. It’s a good thing for you as well as me!


  4 Responses to “This Is Your Rock Town Hall”

  1. I had the opportunity Tuesday to commandeer about 25 folks’ laptops to vote for the Mighty Crazy Horse option. Would not have been a problem at all, not even a worry about the login name and password. None of the potential proxies would ever have returned to the Hall. Just a Hit-and-Run and the Horse moves on. But I couldn’t pull the trigger. You know why?

    ‘Cause even Richard Nixon has got soul


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