Sep 062015

I fell down a You Tube wormhole the other day and hit rock bottom with this clip of Re-Flex better known for their 80’s classic “The Politics of Dancing.” In the video, keyboardist Paul Fishman is either doing his best to rock out between the plastic ivory and ebony or trying his best to upstage the rest of the band. Regardless, his “dancing” is enthusiastic but also rather distracting. I’ve never done any research on the history of the keytar but I’m sure it was invented by a dude who was feeling left out of the action when his fellow bandmates would prowl the front of the stage with guitar and mic in hand.

So, how come no one took inspiration from double-neck guitars to invent a double neck keytar? Just think what kind of animal would be unleashed if our boy Paul Fishman was unshackled and unrestrained by his keyboard stand.


Jan 122015

HVB, 2000 Man, and other ass-kickers in the Halls of Rock: Game On!

If anyone can direct me to a Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs collection, or better yet a collection of late-’60s and early-’70s Aussie rock, I’m all ears. I’ve got tons of Easybeats stuff, and enough late-’70s/early-’80s Aussie and Kiwi rock for my tastes. I want more of this MANLY ROCK that never made it to our shores, in some cases for good reason. Thanks.

May 092014

For entertainment value alone, which era of rock ‘n roll do you feel is most likely to deliver the goods? For instance, if I’m blindfolded and reach my hand into a bag of unmarked rock ‘n roll performances from a given era, the bag of early 1970s rock is likely to turn up a gem—strictly from an overall entertainment value, not necessarily a musical one—such as this 1971 performance by Atomic Rooster.

I get no musical satisfaction out of this clip, yet I’m happy as a clam to watch these prog-blooz hippies hunker down in their suede, fringe, and headbands and manufacture what are, to my ears, exciting tones, regardless of the music that emanates from those tones.

Musically, like so many geeks around here, I’m more easily satisfied by records from 1966 and 1967, but perhaps because some of the music I most love is from that period I get thrown for a loop when confronted with a random selection that offends my aesthetic sensibilities, like this:

Apr 032014

Just looking for a reality check here. I want to know which of these two rock vuh-deos possesses the greatest amount of:

a) Trendy, artsy coolness and what-not (warning: you may have to really think through that one before answering!)

b) Rock/hairy balls factor

c) Likely/proven rock “influence”

d) Shoe/boot and other important style superpowers

e) “Animality”

I look forward to your responses.


Apr 012014

Seriously, is there anything at all wrong with this video? Or is it utterly perfect? For my money, it’s flawless — from the drummer’s flaming sticks to the careful attention to costuming detail. (Notice that the only Gap member band without horizontal tinsel bands on his silver cowboy leggings is the ever-so-slightly portly keyboard player, who’s been fitted with vertical tinsel piping for a slimming effect. These things matter!)

Come on, admit it: this video can’t be beaten. It’s truly excellent.



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