May 112012

I’d forgotten about this little hit song of Dave Edmunds, “Slipping Away.” It’s got a lot in common with one of ELO’s last hit songs, “Don’t Bring Me Down.” That song and this Edmunds production by ELO’s Jeff Lynne set the stage for a decade of constipated production jobs by Lynne for already established tight-ass artists Edmunds, George Harrison, and Tom Petty. I don’t necessarily dislike the records Lynne produced for these artists, man, get these guys some bran muffins!


  6 Responses to “When Worlds Collide: Jeff Lynne Produces Dave Edmunds and the Record Industry Badly Needs to Add Fiber to Its Diet”

  1. I like the songs, for the most part, but have NEVER liked Lynne’s production style: It’s always sounded so artificial and samey to me – like sonic Cheez Whiz®™. It baffles me that he was so successful as a producer of hits.

  2. That “Information” song he did sound like this too.

    This may have been covered in an earlier World’s Collide, but I was just thinking of odd pairings this week while reading the Gregg Allman book excerpt in Rolling Stone with Obama on the cover. He recounts the ill-fated Allman & Woman record with then-wife Cher. He called it a horrible record that didn’t sell.

    Here they do “Love Me”

    Gregg also says he never liked Cher’s voice, but she was incredibly beautiful, naive about drugs, and bossy. I forgot what a big deal their marriage was and how weird veryone thought it was at the time.

  3. bostonhistorian

    Listening to a Jeff Lynne production makes a metronome sound as if its swinging like Count Basie.

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    As much as I dislike Lynne’s production, I must confess that Edmunds production isn’t the best sounding either. I find a lot of his early-mid 70’s production lacking punch. Shake Some Action and New Favourites of Brinsley Shwarz immediately come to mind. I find the sound to be a little soggy with very little kick drum. Unlike Lynne though, I don’t think the sound takes away from the quality of the music.

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