May 242011

Let’s try another 1-2 Punch, shall we? Top 10 lists are too much; Top 5 lists invite too many opportunities for throwing in a hipster, obscuro choice to distinguish oneself from the raging masses. What I’d like to know is what TWO (2) songs you would choose from an artist’s catalog to say as much about that artist that you believe represents said artist’s core as possible? In other words, if you could only use TWO (2) songs from an artist’s catalog to explain all that said artist is about to a Venusian, what TWO (2) songs would you pick to represent said artist’s place in rock ‘n roll?

I’ll pose two artists and you—love ’em or leave ’em—give me each artist’s representative 1-2 Punch. Dig? Here goes!

Boy From the North Country

Girl From the North Country


  13 Responses to “1-2 Punch!”

  1. I’m not gonna try to be too fancy with this one

    Bob: Blowin’ in the Wind
    Like a Rolling Stone

    Joni: River
    Free Man in Paris

  2. Bobby Zimmerman:
    Like a Rolling Stone
    A Simple Twist of Fate

    Joni “I have Morgellon’s Syndrome” Mitchell:
    Big Yellow Taxi
    Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow

  3. Bob Dylan:

    Like A Rolling Stone
    Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right

    Joni –

    Don’t know a single song from Joni

  4. misterioso

    Dylan: Like a Rolling Stone & Tangled Up in Blue

    Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi & Free Man in Paris

  5. Dylan: Positively 4th Street, I Don’t Believe You (!)

    Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi and The Circle Game

  6. Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone and Forever Young (scathing rocker and a beautiful mellow tune)

    Joni – Big Yellow Taxi and I guess Coyote (representing the folky side and the jazzy side. Also, they’re the only two songs I really know by her)

  7. Bob
    1. Hurricane
    2. Jokerman

    1. Dreamland
    2. Woodstock

  8. diskojoe

    Dylan: The Times They Are A’Changing
    Lay Lady Lay

    Joni: Big Yellow Taxi
    Free Man In Paris

  9. tonyola


    Highway 61 Revisited (surreal and fun)
    Positively 4th Street (angry and mean-spirited)


    Songs To Aging Children Come (wistful)
    Free Man in Paris (sophisticated)

  10. BigSteve

    Bob Dylan — I’d pick Like a Rolling Stone (wordy, big verses, big band, snarky lyrics) and I Threw It all Away (concise, classic song structure, restrained accompaniment, older and wiser lyrics).

    Joni Mitchell — I’d pick A Case of You (innocent, folky, soprano) and Free Man in Paris (mature, jazzy, alto).

  11. Dylan: “Highway 61 Revisited” is blues, folk, rock, imaginative and grounded. Really impressive. “If Not For You” Good vibes on that one (Probably should play the Venutians “Like a Rolling Stone”, though).
    Joni: “Chelsea Morning” and “Help Me” ( I forgot about “Free Man in Paris” until logging in here).

  12. Bob:

    1. Visions of Johanna
    2. Blind Willie McTell


    1. Little Green
    2. Coyote

  13. I forgot about Woodstock. I really like that one.

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