Dec 282009

Party on, rock nerds!

We hope those of you in the Philadelphia area can make it out. We’ve got the small room on the second floor to ourselves. There’s no admission. This should be a casual, if sometimes heated, event.


  19 Responses to “A Gathering of Townspeople!”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    I believe the technical term is “pride.” A “pride” of Townspeople.

  2. A superfluity of nuns

    I think this collective noun may actually double for Townspeople.

  3. Cool. Will D.C. actually be in the hood?

  4. I wish I could be there. MLA will be in Philly, so I might very well have been there for that and could have stopped by. But finally I decided to stay on the west coast this year, my first time doing that.

    I think it’s a “Murder of Rockers.”


  5. diskojoe

    Seeing Jack Klugman’s face reminds me of that parody episode of the Odd Couple where Felix was the holdout juror.

    Have a great & groovy time Monday night.

  6. I had a dream last night that I woke up and saw a large camper parked outside that said “Rock Town Hall” on the door. There were 20 townspeople setting up a giant stage in my parents backyard for the “concert” that I agreed to host (but I could not remember actually agreeing to this!) All I could think of was that the neighbors would call the cops and I would get kicked out of the house (why I still lived with my parents in the dream I could not say)

    I woke up very out of sorts this morning and fearing the arrival of the mobile Rock Town Hall to Atlanta, GA

    Have fun (and stay) in Philadelphia (and out of my dreams)

  7. It’s Christmas Eve in Firenze and the family are relaxing before heading out for dinner. Tomorrow morning will be mass in the Duomo featuring Gregorian chant music which raises the question: Is there a Gregorian Town Hall?

    December 28 will find me in Sorrento so I can’t really say that I’m disappointed to miss the gathering. But I can say I had a great time last year and anyone who can be there should be there.

    Happy Holidays to anyone who celebrates any of them!

  8. Mr. Moderator

    Great to hear from you, Al, and great to hear of your wonderful days ahead! Enjoy your holidays.

  9. Mr. Moderator

    Tonight’s the night.

  10. Looking forward to throwing down…

    First a couple of beers.

    And then the gloves when someone criticizes Beggars Banquet or Abbey Road!

  11. Mr. Moderator

    You can stand on the other side of any argument you see fit, chickenfrank, but please don’t abandon me when we get around to talking about The Byrds.

  12. I’ll gladly talk “Birds”, but not Byrds.

  13. Man. I wish I could come. Would I be defending The Byrds? I’ll go to bat for Byrds!


  14. Mr. Moderator

    Great time tonight. It was nice seeing those of you in the Philly area who could make it. Some things I learned tonight about my fellow Townsmen:

    1. E. Pluribus Gergely is now up to liking 4.5 Led Zeppelin songs, with “Dazed and Confused” being added to his initial list of 3.5 songs.

    2. Tvox, among others, was disappointed in having purchased a used copy of Roy Wood’s Boulders upon my constant, enthusiastic recommendations.

    3. Colin has at least two RTH handles/user names, but he cannot remember either of them, which has caused him to lurk for the past couple of years.

    4. Rock nerds get pretty bummed out if you admit to not liking more than a handful of songs by The Ramones.

    5. People who don’t like more than a handful of songs by The Ramones probably didn’t grow up liking comic books and Mad magazine.

    6. Alexmagic, as gentle and kind a Townsman in real life as you might imagine, nevertheless holds a grudge against me for once having needed to identify 30 Bowie songs I liked before I would acknowledge that the guy is a top-notch rock artist.

    7. Not everyone agrees that The Idle Race, Jeff Lynne’s band prior to joining The Move, sounds like the canned music that comes out of the transistor radios in the home of the Brady Bunch.

    8. Plans are underway by a Townsman to combine the best songs from Exile on Main Street and The White Album to make one killer double album.

    9. As the gathering broke up, remaining members at the table were split over whether an unexpected visit by Juliette Lewis at one’s back door should be greeted by a six-pack or a shotgun.

    10. I may have a poor sense of humor, but I have a great sense of empathy.

  15. And Berlyant’s excellent point #11: If you don’t like The Ramones that much then you hate the USA. Take a rocket to Russia, Mod.

  16. Mr. Moderator

    Hey, on the strength of their two great songs and four or five other good ones, I like The Ramones well enough! I’d rank them a little lower than Tommy James and the Shondells but a little higher than The Raspberries. This land was made for you and me and Berlyant!

  17. Hey, on the strength of their two great songs and four or five other good ones, I like The Ramones well enough! I’d rank them a little lower than Tommy James and the Shondells but a little higher than The Raspberries. This land was made for you and me and Berlyant!

    I’m the proud owner of compilations (but not any actual albums) by both Tommy James and Shondells as well as The Raspberries, but I’ve got the vast majority of The Ramones’ catalog in one format or another, so I don’t know how I feel about that statement.

  18. dbuskirk

    Yeah, I can’t get behind using Tommy James and The Shondells as a put-down either. That water-y guitar solo on the album version of “Crimson and Clover” is about as cool as anything ever in my book.

    Had fun last night, hearing of the Mod’s dislike for Mad Magazine was a sobering revelation though. At first I thought he was going to discuss his preference for Sylvester the Janitor over at Cracked Magazine but no. Guess he was reading his Grit newspapers or Highlights or something…

  19. Mr. Moderator

    I was busy memorizing and analyzing sports statistics, db.

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