Jan 072021

Right….now….ha, ha, ha, ha, ha


  4 Responses to “Actual Headline in Scotland Paper”

  1. Hey man, those patriots were “very special.”

  2. I am very disappointed that Mr. Lydon, the recently naturalized U.S. citizen decided to throw in his lot with King Don.

  3. BigSteve

    I thought White Riot was the more appropriate ;punk rock reference.

  4. Happiness Stan

    Is that a Scottish edition? Normally it’s the Scots getting snitty about people getting them confused with the English, or England being classified as Britain. The Metro in any case is little more than a cross between clickbait and litter, they leave bundles of it at railway stations for people to leave on trains so the cleaners have more to do.

    I would have thought Lydon’s eccentricities were factored in by now. I enjoy reading interviews when the nuances in his opinions have room to breathe, otherwise he just sounds like a narcissist former reality TV performer afraid his moment has passed.

    PS, hello everybody, still here, just feeling like being quiet at the mo.

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