Nov 302011

“Guess I’m a lone rhinoceros no more,” says Adrian.

The same goes for you!

If you’ve already got Back Office privileges and can initiate threads, by all means use your privileges! If you’d like to acquire such privileges, let us know. If you’ve got a comment that needs to be made, what are you waiting for? If you’re just dropping in and find yourself feeling the need to scat, don’t hesitate to register and post your thoughts. The world of intelligent rock discussion benefits from your participation. If nothing else, your own Mr. Moderator gets a day off from himself. It’s a good thing for you as well as me!


  4 Responses to “This Is Your Rock Town Hall: Adrian Belew Discovers Long-Lost Soviet Twin!”

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  2. diskojoe

    I like to use this opportunity to tell you what happened to me several Saturdays ago. I was hanging w/a friend of mine for the 1st time since he got back from Europe, giving him a ride back home from his job @ my local record store. So we were just chatting about music & baseball when he said that he wanted to go to the local FYE & check it out. He spent all day working @ a record store & now he wants to go to another one. Go figure.

    Anyway, we go to the FYE store & we both poke around different areas. After I finished looking around, I go see my friend, who’s near the box set section. He says to me, “Joe, look at this, I can’t believe it.” In his hands was a copy of the Jellyfish Fan Club box set. What he couldn’t believe was the price that was on it. It said .25. Not $25, .25, as in 4 bits, 1/4 of a Yankee Dollar, 25 CENTS. We approached an employee to see if this was the right price & he said it was. So I ended up buying it (my friend already had a copy) for a total of $0.27 w/tax. We both looked up what it’s currently selling for & it’s many times more than $0.25.

  3. jeangray

    Not too suprising. It is Jellyfish after all…

  4. 2000 Man

    Oh, man – if that’s selling for anything decent, I’d sell it on ebay and leave the sticker on it.

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