Jun 292011

Let’s work together and be adults about this, OK?


  4 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. I hate it when bands I once loved inadequately cover songs I still love. Jimmy Webb is a genius, but Stipe should have left these songs to Glen Campbell.

  2. This reminds me of a link to a sad article ladymiss sent me while I was in Paris:


    Glenn Campbell is making a farewell album with a bunch of indie rockers in light of his being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. If his prospects weren’t so harsh and I didn’t have such a soft spot for the music of Campbell from my early childhood I’m afraid I might get snarky about him collaborating with the likes of Robert Pollard, Billy Corgan, and Paul Westerberg. But I can’t go there. I won’t. I dug the album Campbell put out a couple of years ago, with a cover of “These Days” that helped me realize that Jackson Browne isn’t all bad.

  3. I saw a thing about that, but didn’t know it was with indie rockers — interesting that Glenn can get Westerberg away from his kids little league games in the Twin Cities.

    P.S. Glenn is a golf buddy of one A. Cooper.

  4. Cool, my boss just got tickets for the two of us to see Bryan Ferry in New York on October 6!

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