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Have no fear! An All-Star Jam is your place to shine.


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  1. The story I heard was that Quine was basically a groupie, collecting and ingesting tons of Lou bootlegs and the such, and ended up in Lou’s band. T/F?

    Now I really like Lou, so over the years I’ve taken the above with a shaker of salt. But if true, WTF? I could have pulled off this performance. Hell, in my adolescent years I often did, sans guitar. In fact, I could have done worse – which may qualify as Better! And for less pay! Anyone know if Lou’s hiring? Metallica seems a *tad* too talented compared to this RQ effort.

    aloha and Mele Kalikimaka

  2. Young Quine used to tape VU shows. A multi-disc set of his primitive recordings was released about 10 years ago. I first got into Quine through his work with Richard Hell. His solos on “The Blank Generation” never fail to thrill. Without the context of this full song and the full Blue Mask album I can see what you think about Quine’s solo at the end of this one song. He’s got a style that’s all about rhythm and phrasing. Coming of stoned rock age with The Blue Mask my old guitar partner friend and I used to marvel at his solos and seemingly easily attainable approach. Then we saw the Live at the Bottom Line concert video, from which this comes, and were blown away all over again at the fact that Quine could play these types of solos pretty much note cluster for note cluster in concert. In other words, he “knew what he was doing.” That may not help your appreciation of his style, which is fair enough. I get a jolt from it. It’s got an explosive, violent feel that I can relate to.

  3. diskojoe

    Do It Again, that movie about the Boston Globe reporter who tried to get the Kinks back together was on Philly TV last night. I’m interested in hearing what Mr. Mod & the other Townspeople who watched it thought about it. Specifically, I was wondering about the use of a certain picture of Paul Weller in Prague & whether it was a snarky move in light of his refusing to play Waterloo Sunset.

  4. I’m bummed I both missed it AND forgot to record it last night! We even talked about it yesterday, but life got unexepectedly busier than I imagined it would be. I believe it’s on again this Sunday. I will set my DVR today. I can’t wait to see what the Paul Weller shot is. Sounds funny!

  5. misterioso

    Diskojoe, I had watched it when it first aired a couple of months ago. Mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, a documentary on the Kinks is going to get my attention no matter what. On the other hand, it isn’t really in any meaningful way a documentary about the Kinks. It is about the reporter. But, it doesn’t much turn out to be about him either. It becomes a series of semi-related scenes that don’t really end up amounting to much. That said, some of it is quite entertaining, esp. when Weller looks ready to punch the reporter in the face. Whether that photo of Weller drunk off his ass in the gutter was tossed in for the reason you mention or not, I don’t know, but it seems a reasonable explanation. In the end, the last segment of the movie, with Dave Davies, is so pathetic, in the true sense of the word, that it makes the other stuff seem as trivial as it mostly is, and made me wish for an actual documentary on the Kinks.

  6. diskojoe

    Misterioso, I understand your views about the movie. I also share your wish for an actual documentary about the Kinks like The Kids Are All Right.

  7. I think Ray is sitting on craploads of live footage from over the years. A Kids are Alright for the Kinks would be amazing.

    Years ago, I read that Julian Temple was working on a doc about Ray and Dave. Then this year he made separate docs on each brother. Weird. I think they’re on YouTube but i haven’t watched them yet.

  8. diskojoe

    Speaking of old 60s acts, this past weekend, I was channel surfing & I came across one of those PBS specials that featured survivors from that era performing their big hit song before a live audience of old Boomers as part of a beg-athon. Anyway, I just happened to see ? and the Mysterians do “99 Tears” & I got to say that ? was really moving & grooving along the stage, probably just like, if not better than Prince. I have the feeling that much of his band, if not all, were probably the original Mysterians. I was pretty impressed.

  9. Townsman bruinskip booked them at an event in the Chicago area a few years ago. I think I posted some footage he sent me. They rocked!

  10. cliff sovinsanity

    Can someone settle a debate I’ve been having with myself over the last 10 years. I’ve always pronounced Quine, rhymes with wine. Regional french dialect pronounces it, rhymes with twin and in some cases rhymes with keen or coin.
    Apologies if this has already been brought up before.

  11. I love Do It Again — one of my favorite Beach Boys songs.

    This may have been discussed in RTH before, but some call it the first “nostalgic” rock song. I don’t know if that’s true or just more mythmaking.

    As a kid, I heard the live version they do on Beach Boys ’69 (Live in London) first — which I though was cool, and then I finally heard the studio version years later.

    I hope they don’t screw it up. It’s a timeless song that could be even a bigger hit next year if they do it well.

  12. Shoot meant to post this to Oats’ post above. As a nod to the Jeff Tweedy Wilco bashing earlier this week, I will wear a jean jacket buttoned up the front all weekend as punishment.

  13. Now that I see funoka’s comment I regret not paying more attention to this link when I first clicked on it. I figured it was better not to say anything or even read too much. However, the prospect of “Do It Again 2012” fills me with a mixture of excitement and dread. What if Love steers his mates through a “Kokomo”-like production? That could be funny. On the other hand, what if Brian wins control of the production and turns it into a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest production? That would be sad.

  14. Andyr and I are big fans of that song too. If we ever do our Twin Sons of Different Mothers album of covers that song will be included. (I don’t think we’ll ever convince our bandmates to cover it.)

  15. That’s funny! The buttoned-up jean jacket could be our version of the dunce cap.

  16. diskojoe

    I wonder if Brian will bring his Wondermints gang w/him when they make the album? One of his musicians, percussionist Nelson Bragg, is actually from my area & was a customer of the Record Exchange.

  17. I think it will sound like the Beach Boys, but old and severely missing Carl’s vocals.

  18. tonyola

    I like “Do It Again” too, but I don’t think it counts as the first nostalgic rock song. I suggest that honor goes to Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys. Their minor summer-of-1969 hit “Good Old Rock’n’Roll”, which includes a medley of ’50s hits, preceded the Beach Boys by a couple of months.

  19. diskojoe

    I wonder if they could salvage anything from the 1996 sessions they did w/the leader of the High Llamas?

  20. BigSteve

    One of the biggest hit singles of 1961 was Chubby Checker’s Let’s Twist Again (Like We Did Last Summer).

  21. TREMENDOUS deflation of some rock critic’s hot air balloon!

  22. cliff sovinsanity

    What about Arthur Conley’s “Sweet Soul Music”. Not necessarily a look back, more of a salute to the times. Has there been a song since that does a shout out to their contemporaries?

  23. I keep thinking about the original version of “Do It Again” and all I love about it. It starts with the “pinky rock” melody. Few things are more endearing to my ears than a singer who’s barely clutching onto the notes of the classic Chuck Berry pinky rock: 5th, 6th, and 7th. It’s even better than when a melody is structured on little more than the rolling 5th, 6th, and root note combination that makes up so many of the MGs’ riffs fueling Stax hits. The Kinks’ “Victoria” is one of the best examples of this humble melodic structure. Seriously, I am a sucker for those combos.

    Then there’s the overall mood of “Do It Again”: the shoddy recording and lame effects, the nostalgic lyrics, the sense that the band’s got almost no shot at doing it again. It’s like one of these scenes from The 10 Commandments, when Moses is really beaten down from all the shit Pharaoh is giving him. You just know he’s going to find a way to overcome and kick some righteous Roman ass.

  24. LOVE IT! Another song that salutes mankind’s aspirations and limitations through use of one of those simplistic melodic models. But enough of my yapping…

  25. Veellllly interesting that he could “note-perfectly” reproduce. Any idea if he had alt-tunings that let him do so easier?

    That sounded bitchy. Unintentional! Upon re-reading the first post it’s also obvious that I let some Holiday pops get the better of me as that was more scathing than I meant it to be. It lost all self-deprecating humor I intended. My very limited exposure to RQ has been cool, and I remember seeing him on some Lou gig and thinking, “Now this cat looks different.” To paraphrase JSpicoli, People on ‘ludes should not post!

    I generally can dig sounds that others may denigrate as “noise” or whatever, but this clip sort of got up on top of me fast. You gotta admit, it *does* sort of cherry-pick a sound-bite of abrasiveness.

    aloha and Mele Kalikimaka

  26. misterioso

    Mod, you must love it when Ben Hur beats King Tut in the big chariot race.

  27. Off topic RaoulG, but here’s a link to a version of Mele Kalikimaka by the ukulele orchestra that I’m in. aloha to you.

  28. You know your Moderator! I just got home from coaching a soccer game, turned the tv on to TCM, and there’s a Ben Hur mini-documentary/preview on! Right before launching RTH I was thinking how much I love that chariot race and how I might work such a concept into a future thread!

  29. No offense or attitude taken, RaoulG! If we can’t freely express that something bugs us or underwhelms us now and then what would we be doing here?

  30. Absolutely STELLAR!!!! Can it be long before you’ve turned Philly into the City of Brotherly Aloha?

    Good job! And to the jackass disparaging the singing in the commentary, you really gotta be some kind of p$!(& to find something wrong with a uke song. And as a King p$!(&, I know of what I speak!

    aloha and Mele Kalikimaka


  31. RTH Back Office Fun Fact: I just took a glance at a page of stats that is kept on the site and the last 2 days we received the EXACT amount of distinct hits!

  32. Fine wine?

  33. Thanks Raoul. Frankly, I don’t even hear what he was talking about so I couldn’t take offense.

  34. misterioso

    Just my way of pince-nez-ing you without the pince-nez. TCM was/is showing the silent Ben-Hur this weekend (?), well worth seeing for the big chariot race scene and the naval battle scene, which is better than the one in the 50s remake.

  35. Yes, the promo I caught was showing the contrast between the two versions. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the original. I’ll see if I can manage the silent aspect. I’m typically not cultured enough to watch silent films.

  36. cliff sovinsanity

    I can now sleep at night.

  37. I’ve been meaning to ask, but is it cool if I spread your group’s
    holiday cheer on my FBook page? That lap steel work should be framed!


  38. Raoul, absolutely! We’d be honored. Thanks.

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