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I don’t own this song or the video; I just wanna share it with every one here at Rock Town Hall!

This bad boy really picks up a head of steam around the 2:50 mark! What’s getting you worked up these days?


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  1. In college fellow snobs and I had an in-joke denigrating Europe’s “Final Countdown” and the synths that we mocked as “heavy-metal horns.” Now it seems Europe and their “horns” were entirely derivative of TOTPs’ heavy metal horns.


    Plus this dovetails nicely with the recent Pilot discussion.


  2. bostonhistorian

    What’s getting me worked up? This, in a good way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShUB9gy_Sww

  3. jeangray

    That video is alarming. Paula Abdul represent! Down with Lukather.

  4. Mr. Mod, did you know that Lou Reed spoke at the Kelly Writers House at UPenn last night?!

  5. And I wasn’t invited? Man, I get no respect in my hometown.

  6. The Washington Nationals join Steve Lukather on my 2012 Hit List:


    You won’t keep me out of your park, Nationals!

  7. I’m telling you — as a Nats seaon ticket holder — I see a RTH meeting on the Red Porch this season or at the lame outdoor beergarden outside Nats Park. Since Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham departed — I’m not sure any Nats will use rock songs as walk-up music this year — maybe Bryce Harper will!

  8. Yes, let’s definitely make this happen. I’ll take a look at their schedule. Us mean Phillies fans, however, may have to depend on you and HVB to buy the tickets. (I’m not counting on mockcarr – he’ll stick our crew behind a foul pole!)

  9. mockcarr

    I know enough not to bait that Philly enmity around Super Bowl time. Some day I may want to revisit Nats Park North.

  10. cliff sovinsanity

    Remember a time, not so long ago when there was actual duos. Unlike today where it’s more about collaborations. Pffft. Yes, let’s take some lazy hip hop song and cross mix it with a shouty female wobbler during the chorus. Pffft.

  11. hrrundivbakshi

    Fuckin’ LUKATHER!

  12. hrrundivbakshi


    Hear the “lost solo” in “Here Comes the Sun” here:


  13. cliff sovinsanity

    Watching the video I couldn’t help but be reminded of that Scandal video with Patty Smyth (not Smith) rolling around shooting at the walls of heartache. I can’t say that the Toto video got me worked up, but Patty kind of did it for me as young lad rife with puberty. Bang Bang.

  14. Yes, score another one for the Wisdom of Not Using Every Idea Played.

  15. ladymisskirroyale

    Last night, Mr. Royale and I went to a local venue to hear the Victor Krummenacher Trio open for John Doe. Not only was VK incredibly friendly, his band (this time playing lead guitar and singing rather than CVB’s bass guitar) displayed incredible synergy and seemed like they were having a grand ol’ time. And John Doe: friendly, entertaining and warm, and his voice still sounds amazing. Although it was a school night and we were dopey and exhausted today, it was well worth it!

  16. 2000 Man

    Wow, I hate that guitar sound. I always thought it sounded like the guitar has to poop, and the player won’t put it down to let it go do its business.

    I’m getting interesting ads up in the left hand corner today. Some naked girl next to a nice old car wants to be mutually beneficial to me.

  17. Yes, I just noticed that too. We will look into that ad that was purchased and see what we can do about it. We must have accepted the ad without investigating too far. Sorry about that, folks, and tread lightly when it comes to clicking on that one. The first click doesn’t seem too bad, but I didn’t want to go any further. I don’t think it leads to an ad for Night Shift 2.

  18. cliff sovinsanity

    Yeah, I saw those ads too. I thought it was my internet history inserting (he, he) those ads in the column. Maybe there is a greater coincidence or conspiracy tied into this Toto video.

  19. cliff sovinsanity

    For the Big Star obsessed here is the trailer for a documentary called Nothing Can Hurt Me.

    For the further obsessed here is 9 minute sneak preview.

  20. Not music related at all, but I’ve got to vent. Has anyone seen the movie Drive, with Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, and Ron Perlman? (And some woman from Mad Men, which means nothing to me?) We watched it with some friends last night. Good god was it bad! Talk about your pretentious movies made by people who watch too many films and live too little actual life! It made the films of Quentin Tarrantino seem rich and full of human understanding. (I know, some of you like that guy.)

    This was my first time ever seeing the celebrated Ryan Gosling in a movie. Now surely he was at the mercy of the film’s shortcomings, but he struck me as an actor who had a bag of DeNiro and other ’70s dude tricks with nothing more to offer. And what’s with his Supercuts special hairdos? I know he’s cut and isn’t horrible looking, but women swoon over him. I need my Hollywood sex symbols to make me feel totally inadequate. Come on, man, get a Look that’s better than Dollar Dog Night Dude at Citizens Bank Park.

    Carey Mulligan is Super Annoying. I’ve seen her in 2 movies now, Drive and An Education. All she does is crinkle up her nose and make cutey-pie faces. Show her the door, Hollywood! She and some cute little kid (playing her son) are in the movie for no other reason than to allow for a bunch of kiss-ass scenes showing how compassionate Gosling’s character is before – SPOILER ALERT – going on a rampage of graphic head smashing. The Gosling character’s multiple tie-ins to what a fantastic driver he is (getaway specialist, stunt driver, stock car racer) are pretty much an afterthought once he gets caught up in the characters’ lifestyle of jamming forks and knives into people’s heads.

    I read articles talking about Albert Brooks possibly receiving award nominations for his performance as a bad guy. Are you kidding me? He was by no means to weak link in this movie, but he and Perlman weren’t up to snuff for roles in a hack gangster film like Carlito’s Way.

    Bryan Cransten (I think that’s his name) plays the pathetic gimp who does his best to watch over Gosling’s character. Clearly the director and/or screenwriter shares my love for that Humphrey Bogard movie with the old deck hand who hobbles around and gets drunk. The crew behind this movie, however, did not share that old movie crew’s talent.

    If it’s not too late, avoid Drive at all costs!

  21. “that Humphrey Bogart movie with the old deck hand who hobbles around and gets drunk”

    That’s Walter Brennen. My friend does an absolutely spot-on impersonation of him. A rarely required talent for sure, but occasionally

  22. Plus the singer stole Stevie Ray’s oh Pancho/ oh Cisco hat! That’s below the belt.

    Lukather eventually matured, rejected the dark side and and learned about tone. Check out the ‘No Substitutions’ set with Larry Carlton. Most satisfying.

  23. Happiness Stan

    I haven’t seen any movies with Carey Mulligan, but she was absolutely superb in the Doctor Who episode “Blink”

  24. hrrundivbakshi



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