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  21 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Get with the program, Jon Lord! Your hair is ALL WRONG.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    Also: Ian Paice RULES.

  3. The best part is Hef saying, “I think that it would really groove the kids ….”

  4. bostonhistorian

    You just know that’s in quadraphonic sound…

  5. He’s the best thing in that clip. I usually don’t care for his drumming, but at least he holds it together. I’m sure part of the reason this performance doesn’t sound that good is because of the mix, but I’m surprised at how uninspired Ritchie Blackmore is, for instance. His playing is a bit oaf-ish, no? Could it be they are distracted by their surroundings?

  6. cliff sovinsanity

    Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s new album Americana is out now.
    Get A Job, rock crime or the power and glory of rock and roll. I’m leaning towards the latter.

  7. tonyola

    I’m leaning towards the former. That is pretty bad – it sounds like the very first run-through after a night of heavy drinking.

  8. cliff sovinsanity

    Agree, at least Everybody’s Rockin sounded sincere. But you know old Neil, everything has to be live “off the floor”, warts and all. Maybe Reprise will sue him for making a commercially unappealing album.

  9. Funny Neil song. I may never hear that one again unless I go seek it out, which is unlikely.

  10. Wayne Coyne and Erykah Badu are like my age, right? Maybe it’s time they grow the f____ up.


    HVB, can you get me in touch with your friend “Musty?”

  11. Multiple Dovetailing:

    While trying to polish off the leftover anniversary beers in the cooler today I came across the Neil Young tribute that begat that horrifying Josh Groban “Harvest Moon.” At some point Jackson Browne sang a song and I wondered, “Whose had the same hairstyle longer, JBrowne or BMay?”

    Thank goodness for Wilco going after “Broken Arrow.” Has a tribute show EVER been more demanding of an escalating BAC?


  12. BRAVO on all points! I think I did a post on that Groban performance after having seen that “tribute.” Terrible!

    The Hair Style Streak question may need to be broken out into a distinct thread. Stay tuned…

  13. misterioso

    Raoul, I caught a couple of minutes of that last night as well, seeing part of a very uninteresting performance by somebody of “Lotta Love” and even less of the Mod’s favorite singer-songwriter James Taylor doing “Heart of Gold.” Snoooooooozzzzzzzzze.

  14. jeangray

    Sorry. She is not your age.

  15. When I saw that show had just started I remembered the thread (and not in a good way) and thought I’d give the rest of the cast a chance. Wrong from the start with JCFogerty and KUrban de-clawing “Free World.” DMatthews doing a note-perfect “Needle & the Damage”…Damage indeed went on and on in that show. I remember thinking “O God, great, Kenny Aronoff and his histrionics on drums,” but it turned out that, like Imodium, he helped hold all that $h!t together.


  16. “Lotta Love” was some recent hipster named Jason Mraz and he hooked up with Shawn Colvin. The only reason I actually know of Colvin is that about 20yrs ago she hooked up with Roseanne Cash and Mary Chapin-Carpenter for “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” at Dylan’s tribute, which was roughly 343 times better than their “Lotta Love.”

    And from the start I have to say that as soft a song as it is, I’ve always liked “Heart of Gold.” And since I’ve become a dad I’ve come to love it. But even disregarding my hatred of JT I have to puke at the arrangement and performance. Even the song-ending backing vocals (which on the original give me chills with their desperate determination) were entirely neutered of any power to move.

    But (I guess I can’t get past it) I guess that’s what Taylor’s MO is; water down a song completely until it’s consumable to any and all feeble ears. I’ve got a friend who nurses little abandoned birds back to health, and she concocts this sort of yellow mush-gruel that she feeds the chicks through a syringe. That’s what JT does to music.


  17. jeangray

    Jason Mraz recent hipster. Now that is funny!

  18. jeangray

    oKay — So, I went & listened to Neil’s version of “Get a Job.” I dunno. I didn’t hear anythang obviously attrocious about it & I’ve certainly heard worse from Mr. Young. I hear it as an affectionate ode to one of his favorite songs. Nothing to get worked up about, but definitely not horrible either. I appreciate Neil’s don’ give a fuck attitude. He’s certainly earned it.

  19. Hey, is the Bad Attitude Club going to check out the new dB’s album, in stores today?

    I’ve had it for a few months — I’ll explain why later — but I truly think this album is Great. It is an almost completely non-embarrassing reunion album, It does take a couple listens, though.

    I think it’s still streaming here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/album-premiere-dbs-falling-off-the-sky-20120608

  20. I just learned that this album existed. Thanks for the reminder and link to the stream. I’m definitely curious to hear it. Does it have any edge, or is it all 128-string guitar stuff?

  21. I don’t hear any 128-string guitars, but I also feel it’s an honest reckoning with who they are now, rather than an attempt to make Repercussions Part 2. Seriously, I would love it if the BAC could approach this album with as little prejudice as possible.

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