Oct 122012

Is that Mike Damone at the back of the crowd? Don’t just stroke your chin and watch, Mike. Tell us what’s on your mind.


  12 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. patrock

    Damone left frustrated that nobody would buy the Cheap Trick tickets he was trying to scalp.

    The camera pans the crowd where you see Usher sitting with Janis Joplin ….and I think thats Vince Neil behind them ….and then it stops at Johnny Ramone and Imelda Marcos.

    The plaid shirt guy and the cop make a cute couple ….even if that cop seems a little dense he’s still kinda hot. I’m shallow that way.

    what song was the guy on bass playing?

  2. “This is important: when it comes down to making out, Rat, always have on side two of ‘That’s Rock and Roll Live.'”


  3. If Damone told Ratner to play side two of Led Zeppelin 4, why was Ratner playing Kashmir in the next scene? Damone might have justifiably been accused of being a little prick but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t capable of doling out some rock solid advice occasionally. Ratner blew it.

  4. 2000 Man

    Man, she sure is grooving to that song up onstage. I think several members of the audience were killed by something. People that got to see the orchestra move around more than at least half of the people out on the lawn at Shaunfest 77. Maybe Mike Damone put poisoned thumbtacks on the chairs?

  5. I’ve assumed all these years that was part of the joke. Rat couldn’t find anything labelled “Led Zeppelin IV” so he went with a four-side LZ album.


  6. Funny, I always assumed that he was referring to the untitled fourth album but just got it wrong.

  7. Well whatever the deal is, Rat’s not the brightest guy around. Remember that summer he fell in love with that girl at the Fotomat? He bought forty dollars worth of film and never even talked to her. He doesn’t even own a camera.

  8. I was just reading the Byrds article in Uncut. Honest now – who knew that Wasn’t Born To Follow was a Goffin-King song?!?!

  9. misterioso

    Not to go all pince-nez on you, but anyone who’s looked at the label of the Notorious Byrd Brothers lp, Al, or the booklet of the cd. Goin’ Back is also Goffin/King.

  10. Well, of course, there’s that. But I have the album and never looked at the credits. It’s just that it doesn’t strike me as a Goffin-King song so I was surprised when I read that.

  11. From the Chalkhills XTC fanboy group: word of a new Peter Blegvad-Andy Partridge collaboration. I am a big fan of their first release from way back when, The Naked Shakespeare.

    From Ape House:

    Gonwards, the second release by Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge, is a typically brilliant and playful fusion of disparate elements from two of Rock music’s most inventive eccentrics.

    The special, signed, box set edition is limited to 2000 copies
    globally and comes with a multitude of extras including a lyric book, films, extra tracks and an exclusive card game.

    Pre-order now for 22nd October release.


  12. hrrundivbakshi

    You need to check out the Partridge/Mike Kenneally (sp?) album from earlier this year. It’s pretty dang great.

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