Oct 192012

Rainy day in your neck of the woods? It is here, while I try to find the most efficient way to fill gaping holes in a database. Tell us what’s on your mind.


  8 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. Suburban kid

    Last night I saw Crossfire Hurricane, the new Stones documentary. Its premiere was at the London Film Festival, and they had a live satellite feed to a few hundred theatres around Europe (in the US, it will be shown on HBO). I saw it in Dublin, near where I live, in a mostly empty cinema. (For some reason it was being shown in four theatres in town, but there was hardly any promotion for it.)

    100 minutes is far too short to chronicle a 50-year career, so the only way to do this thing well was to take an impressionistic approach. Which is what the Jagger-picked director Brett Morgen did.

    I’m too lazy to write a review of the film, which I enjoyed because of all the 60s-era footage I hadn’t seen before, but this one sums it up pretty well: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2012/oct/18/rolling-stones-crossfire-hurricane-review

  2. I got Mick Fleetwood on drums, Billy Talbot on bass, Joe Walsh on guitar, and Joe Cocker singing. Our band’s called Goofy Lookin’ Bastards.


  3. cherguevarra


    “Imagine finding a Beatles photo nobody had ever seen. Now imagine finding over 6,000 of them.”

  4. 2000 Man

    Is everyone as glad as I am that the original Free Credit Score.com band is back?


  5. This link is for Al, in particular. I was doing some research on Harvey Holiday’s old Sunday night show on WDAS and came across his 1979 listener-voted list of the greatest oldies ever:


    Philadelphia oldies radio as I remember it!

  6. cherguevarra

    An interesting character and career – this is no way to go.


    Noted Memphis musician B.B. Cunningham Jr., a longtime member of Jerry Lee Lewis’s band, was killed in a shooting early Sunday morning, according to police and a member of his family.

  7. One of the more convoluted album-creation stories that I’ve heard.


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