Nov 202012

It is right to give thanks and praise through the holiday weekend.


  8 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. As a Facebook friend shared:

    I’m not a fortunate enough son to be able to afford a $70 Fogerty flannel shirt:

  2. I lied about not ever going to see Bob Dylan again — I got a free ticket to last night’s show at Verizon Center in DC. Mark Knopfler opened — and he did a nice hits-free set.

    Dylan — well — he started off in pretty good voice in “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” but . . . I left with so many questions as I did the last time I saw him five years ago: Why does he continue to do this? Why do people continue to go? (It was about 2/3rds full — they can’t all be getting free tix like me), why has Charlie Sexton ditched his own career to be a sideman for so long?

    This may have been hashed out long ago on RTH. I heard one guy behind me tell his kid — “Don’t listen to his voice — think about who he is . . . ” OK, I guess that’s one answer.

  3. Excellent topic for discussion! If i get a minute I will post it to The Main Stage, or we could discuss here.

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    I’ll keep the the Hall lights on during your Thanksgiving holiday(s). Last year me and Happiness Stan had a good little discussion about The Band and The Last Waltz, I think. I recommended a documentary for those spending the night alone. I’ll come up with another one.

  5. I guess Macca doesn’t have enough money and Fogerty isn’t selling many of those $70 shirts –

  6. Who’s idea was it for this album cover?

    Must be looking to target market the Wilfred Brimley niche…

  7. Agreed. Horseshit cover — and what’s inside is not clicking with me yet. I’m not knee-jerk anti on this either. Latter-day GP albums — Your Country, etc.– are actually pretty good.

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