May 312013

This video reminds me of a large group of hipster douchebag Red Sox fans seated a few rows ahead of me at Citizens Bank Park last night. But let’s not talk about that. Let’s use this All-Star Jam to talk about whatever’s on your mind.


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  1. diskojoe

    I split my time last night listening to the game on the radio & listening to a Buck Owens box set which I got yesterday. You got to see a bit of history last night Mr. Mod w/Ellsbury stealing 5 bases. I can remember when the Sox stole 5 bases total all season. Plus you got to see Big Papi hit a great big homer. I thought it was a great game 😉

  2. I actually began rooting for Ellsbury to continue running after Horst hit him with a pitch following the Gomes home run. That was bush league on Horst’s part.

  3. misterioso

    Jeez, Mod, if I’d known you were sitting behind me I would’ve at least said “hi.”

  4. diskojoe

    That’s one thing I can never understand about baseball, the pitchers intentionally hitting the batter, especially since the batter gets on base.

    Anyway, the Sox/Phils split the series, which is OK by me. The Sox now play the Yanks, who just got swept by the Mets, which must be embarrasing beyond belief.

  5. jeangray

    What? No love for Pabst Blue Ribbon???

  6. BigSteve

    This Onion article seems written for RTH:

    New Liver Complains Of Difficulty Working With Lou Reed,32669/

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