Jul 082013

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  1. diskojoe

    Over the holiday weekend, I picked up a CD/DVD set called An Introduction to the Undertones, the CD being their greatest hits & the DVD having the 2003 documentry Teenage Kicks, the video promos & the reason why I bought this, live footage from various sources including French TV in 1980 (where Fergal is doing his best Iggy impersonation) & the Tube from 1983.

  2. Kanye West The Way Lou Reed Always Meant Him To Sound:

    Kanye West has a fan in Lou Reed, it turns out. In a review for musician website The Talkhouse, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer calls West’s new album Yeezus “majestic and inspiring.”

    Reed seems particularly impressed with the rapper’s way with sound. “He keeps unbalancing you. He’ll pile on all this sound and then suddenly pull it away, all the way to complete silence, and then there’s a scream or a beautiful melody, right there in your face. That’s what I call a sucker punch.”

  3. This Steven Hyden guy who does music pieces for Grantland seems like a nice enough guy, but I don’t know why I bother trying to read his reviews. He’s the kind of late-for-the-party music fan I would ban from the Republic.


    I’m too old, too wise, and too kind to get myself worked up about this reverse-hipster crap any longer. I wish I could find a way to rise above these feelings.

  4. I saw that article and skipped right over it. I’m too old to understand any of it. I have no idea what Jay Z’s music sounds like, or how it compares to any of his contemporaries. For all I know, it could be the Rolling Stones of rap. I’ll never know. Reading a review of that is akin to reading Soap Opera digest. I just don’t follow any of the characters.

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