Sep 212013

We don’t know what we’re gonna do—I’m serious.

Stick around and learn which guest was “really tuned into Frank.” We love the surprises that arise from a typical Mike Douglas interview. Moments like these are what warm us up to Frank Zappa. We can’t help but cut him a break.

The All-Star Jam is the place to do whatever it is that you don’t know you’re gonna do.


  15 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. 2000 Man

    I saw that when it aired. i don’t know why I wasn’t in school that day, but I remember watching it on the little 13″ color TV we had back then. I had n idea who Frank Zappa was, but I liked him because he was weird. Later, when I had a job in a printing factory we used to talk about FZ and I mentioned seeing that and it would have been cool to have been able to pull it up on my phone and show the guys I talked music with there.

  2. Somehow ‘Who are the brain police?‘ got played on the AM radio in Chicago – prolly acuz it was SO wierd. But it was so much more innaresting than ‘Napoleon XiV or ‘Does the bubblegum lose its flavor…‘. I found a copy of ‘Freak Out’ at the local five and dime where all the records were classified by artist – in a bin labeled ‘Wierd with a Beard’ along with ‘Pretties for You‘ which I must have stared at for half an hour at a time every time I went in there. Never bought it.

    Later I was sucked in by the cover of ‘We’re only in it for the money’ and became a Zappa fan for life. ‘They killed her too…’

    The instrumental opening, chorus and fills for ‘Zomby Woof’ may be the best counterpoint since JSBach.

  3. One of my sons thought I might be interested in this Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), a chat with Mick Jones and Paul Simonon. He cautioned me that I would have to wade through a lot of idiotic banter.

  4. If you could combine any musicians from any bands, living or dead, what would your ultimate supergroup be?

  5. Great question. Off the top of my head, Lennon, McCartney, Pete Thomas, Hendrix, and Garth Hudson.

  6. cherguevara

    Here’s a potential core duo for a different kind of supergroup:

  7. cherguevara

    OK, here is my proposed British nerd-rock supergroup, I’m going with living and somewhat possible:

    Glen Tillbrook – vocal, guitar, songwriter
    Dave Gregory – guitar, keys
    Graham Maby – bass
    Neil Conti – drums

  8. trigmogigmo

    Thumbs up for Graham Maby. That guy plays some great riffs that stand out in a great way on those Joe Jackson albums.

  9. diskojoe

    I would just like to say that by my calculations & Baseball, that “Dirty Water”, one of the coolest songs associated w/a sports team, was played @ Fenway Park 19 more times than last year. Thanks Shane!

    Also, under the “Man’s gotta eat, but jeeze” department, we find this:

  10. misterioso

    Mod, help me: I distinctly remember seeing Blue Oyster Cult on Mike Douglas in the late 70s–can’t remember what they played. Never saw it again. But it happened. There were no steer or vultures, but I saw it. If you can produce this clip I am willing to partly forgive your otherwise indefensible stance on MT-era Stones.

  11. I will see if my sources can uncover the requested clip. A quick check of available BOC clips on YouTube gave me the willies. Did any band give off a nerdier vibe than them? I felt like I was getting lured into the basement of a comic book store, which I’m aware for some would be an enticing prospect.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the first part of this Mick Taylor documentary:

  12. misterioso

    …and as the basement door clicks behind you the words “bring out the gimp” are heard…

  13. Maybe this isn’t a great idea, but I’m going to recommend the new Lee Ranaldo album to you , Mr. Mod. I think he’s a got a real Peace Warrior vibe going on here.

  14. I will definitely check this out. The Peace Warrior movement cannot be denied!

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