Nov 112013

Liaise with us, won’t you? The All-Star Jam is the place to do your thing!


  8 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. I voted Eric Bogosian in the Poll. I can’t stand him, but I’ve gotta say he could capture that ever present annoying aspect of Lou without trying.

  2. 2000 Man

    I saw The Flamin Groovies Saturday. That was so cool! Tonight they’re in Washington DC, then Boston and Brooklyn the end of the week. You should go if they’re anywhere near. I had a great time and got a real cool poster.

  3. misterioso

    Tempting, very tempting, but alas, not going to happen.

  4. cliff sovinsanity

    Sit down 2000 Man and let me tell you a story.

    I went to see the Flamin Groovies on Friday night in Detroit. Bless my wife for the birthday gift. Anyways, this was the first time the Groovies had been in the Detroit since 1969. According to the band they had opened up for the MC5.
    From the moment they hit the stage something seemed really off about Chris Wilson. He was either 8 beers into his 6 beer limit or he was coked up. Maybe both. He was regularly arguing with the guy behind the board and hissing at people snapping photos on their phones. Still it was a rocking show. The music was solid and Cryil’s guitar chimed.
    About 2/3rd’s into the set, a few drunk people tested Wilson’s patience by grabbing Cryil’s mike and yelling stuff. Wilson warned the drunks to quit. The drunks shot back with gob and taunts. Wilson was about to jump into the crowd but was stopped by fans at the foot of the stage. Security, mistakenly grabbed the people who were holding Wilson back instead of the drunks. When the crowd convinced security to grab the drunks all Hell broke loose. Security on drunks, drunks on crowd and Wilson threatening everybody. Bottles and glasses flying in the air.
    The band left the stage, but came back after 10 minutes. Once again Wilson was berating the audience this time with the neck of his guitar in is hand. Security tossed a few more guys out for challenging Wilson to a fight. Cryil, who looked embarrassed by the situation convince Wilson to calm down and “just play the songs”.
    Eventually, Wilson eased up and apologized to the enthusiastic crowd that showed up for a rock and roll show. The show concluded without incident.
    I fear the band will not be back again for another 40 years.

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    Wow — this is the first time I’ve seen or heard the Fugs. I think I love them.

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    Plus, dude plays a Firebird. Seriously, are there any bands in which a Firebird is played that suck? No!

  7. I think the Firebird wielding guitarist is Danny Kortchmar, later a West Coast Studio guitarist that rode shotgun with Don Henley on his solo career!

    The great thing about you loving the Fugs is that they played up the dirty hippie schtick to the point where it went from horrifying to fascinating to our resident hippie hater.

  8. misterioso

    Man, they are more interesting to contemplate than to listen to. Like the Mothers, the needle dips from “this is freaky and interesting!” to “this is dull and stupid!” really fast for me.

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