Nov 252013

The All-Star Jam is the place where you can go about your merry way! Are you a banker or a rock ‘n roller? Are you a Mercedes or a chili dog?


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  1. Shameless Self Promotion Alert! I am doing a song at the Philly tribute to the Last Waltz this Saturday at the Trocadaro. Garth Hudson himself is on the bill, as is Wesley Stace (John Wesley Harding), Alec Ounsworth (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), David Uosikkinen (the Hooters), and a whole crapload of local luminaries and musically talented good eggs. There is a special meet and greet with Garth Hudson at 7 and the main show starts at 9. Proceeds go to benefit Philadelphia school children. I’m psyched! Come on out if you can.

  2. It’s time someone produces a series of punk rock soap operas. Black Flag seems to be a great band for such a series. Courtesy of an old friend, here’s the latest from their world:

  3. Here a preview from the Citypaper, written by a fellow Townsman.

  4. No, here’s the preview:

    I didn’t know Pelusi was a Townsman!

  5. Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the Boss fan wh has everything?

  6. Paul Young looks like a soccer coach.

  7. He isn’t? I thought that’s how I knew him. I thought he was Oats. See, this is what happens when we live in a cyber world.

  8. To quote the Hawk, it was “Big Time”.

    The core band crushed it. The level of musicianship was through the roof but never too slick. In addition to guitar, bass and drums, there was a guy channeling Richard Manuel on the grand piano, another guy on a Hammond B3 with a Leslie and a four piece horn section.

    I was in a group comprised of Theremin, lap steel, 12 string baritone, bass, and 3 ukes. We played the Theme from the Last Waltz in the beginning, after Don’t You Do It.

    All of the guests were really good. Wesley Stace a/k/a John Wesley Harding did Forever Young and the dude from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah did Helpless. There were a bunch of local folks rounding out the rest of the guests, including three Neil Diamonds and Maxx from the Goats/Black Landlord doing Manish Boy. The cream of the crop was the Van Morrison guy who apparently normally fronts a hair metal cover band. He had all of the nuances down cold and it was thrilling to hear that song live with a horn section.

    But the highlight of the show was watching Garth Hudson play his Phantom-of-the-Opera meets demented-carrousel-music intro to Chest Fever. Then we all clambered onstage for I Shall Be Released and this was my view: . (I recognize that taking a picture onstage is a total rookie move, but I just kind of got caught up in the moment. And besides, I’m a rookie.)

    No real stories to tell or scandals to reveal. Just a night of great music and good vibes.

    I only saw one other Townsman there but they might be able to offer a more measured/less starstruck take on the evening.

  9. That’s really cool, cdm! I’m sorry I missed this. I was hoping someone would nail Van the Man’s performance. Did anyone cover the stage banter?

  10. There was not too much banter, and none of the “You know this guy…” stuff from the movie, although in addition to singing Forever Young, Wesley Stace recited the Canterbury Tales excerpt.

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