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Help these yearning cats out with good tidings in this All-Star Jam, won’t you?


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  1. A quick scan through what I missed at RTH while away didn’t uncover any commentary on the Grammy Salutes The Beatles 50th Anniversary (or whatever) show that was on a few weeks ago. I watched it the other day –

    * when did LL Cool J become the all purpose go-to host for everything?
    * I really liked the way Maroon 5 saluted the old time Beatles performances of playing without hearing any monitors. At least I figured they did for how else do you explain them being so off key and out of tune with each other?
    * Stevie Wonder killed it!
    * Keith Urban – really, this guy judges other performers?!?! I actually liked the guitar solos with John Mayer if only they could have dialed it down on the Famous Rock Star Guitar Solo Poses.
    * Katy Perry – I liked the way she sneaked in a tribute to another old Ed Sullivan favorite, Moms Mabley. Seriously, what was more atrocious, her singing or her dress?
    * Dave Grohl – props to his intro and to the Hey Bulldog performance
    * Eurythmics – so who is it who has been clamoring for a Eurythmics reunion? And Dave Stewart’s part was so minimal, they are still waiting.
    * John Legend – I heard that he is going back to his birth name of John Mellencamp…
    * Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh, & Guy Clark Jr. – While My Guitar Gently Weeps must be an infallible song as it is so often a highlight of these kind of things
    * Ringo & Paul – prove once again why The Beatles were head and shoulders (and knees & toes) above everyone else. Even here, 50 years later they were pretty impressive.

    Call me an old fart (go ahead, I’ll wait) but it was the old-timers (Paul, Ringo, Joe Walsh, Stevie Wonder) who stood way out this night.

  2. I have not yet seen this, but I look forward to agreeing with your analysis!

  3. Speaking of cats, does anyone know if while together on the Tigers Jack Morris ever said to Alan Trammell, “You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see?”


  4. What’s the most cost effective way to purchase the new Nixon’s Head/Donuts CD? And by cost effective I don’t mean cheapest, I mean the way that gets the most money to the artists.

  5. Al, that’s a question I hope thousands of consumers (OK, maybe dozens) are astute enough to ask. The best ways to get your money into the artists’ hands is to either 1) buy one directly from the bands or 2) order through the Groove Disques or Chapter 7 Records labels. Groove Disques just posted the CD for sale here: http://www.groovedisques.com/buy.htm

    I shipped the first few orders this morning!

    The CD is also being carried by 2 indie distributors that have been good to us, Kool Kat and CD Baby. Digital-only purchases can be managed through CD Baby, iTunes, etc, once all those places get the material loaded onto their servers.

    If you want to buy directly from the hands of one of the band members, The Donuts are playing at Ortlieb’s in Philadelphia tonight, if memory serves; Nixon’s head plays Fergie’s in Philadelphia next Friday, 2/28. The two bands square off for their official Record Release Show at Philly’s Boot & Saddle on 3/20 in what promises to be the “losing” band’s final appearance EVER in the Philadelphia area.

  6. Done! Thanks!

  7. I haven’t been here in a while so apologies if this is redundant. I think “2Cellos” is one of the most unique and talented groups to come along in quite some time. Here is their latest video of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”. It kills.


  8. hrrundivbakshi

    Was happy to see the hatlessly glorious bald head of Peter Frampton in the house band for the Grohl/Lynne take on “Hey Bulldog.” Nice speech by Grohl, too. I like that guy more than I like his music.

  9. Here is Bruce Springsteen covering Staying Alive with what appears to be a 500 piece band. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs-7N8Y1s68&sns=fb

  10. Maybe to sell the concert downloads he has started, Bruce is opening his shows with all sorts of covers, usually something related to where he’s playing. He played South Africa a few weeks ago and opened with Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City. In Australia when the temperature was over 100 degrees he opened with Heat Wave. At two gigs at a winery/vineyard he opened one show with Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee and another with this killer version of Spill The Wine:


  11. I need time to watch this in full. Good to see that that Tom Morello guy still refuses to trim the leftover strings on his guitar. That really annoys me. Where do other guitarists stand on the issue of trimming? It may not surprise you that, being a tight-ass, I “tuck” my strings in as I string the guitar, so I’ve got little to no overhang, but how much overhang is acceptable? How much is sloppy?

  12. I wholly approve of the “Spill the Wine” cover! I’m jealous.

  13. This is an old cover favorite of his but here is the Boss being manhandled by a Townsman and drummer for the Donuts. The manhandling apparently shook Bruce up so much that he then chuged the beer of another audience member. The Townsman in question is one of the few people not filming the event on his phone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df5kWFt4N_A

  14. Fathead!!! And is that Dan DeLuca in a green sweater, snapping pictures as The Boss makes his way through His People?

  15. Nice call!

  16. I’m not a Rick Ross fan (would’t have a clue as to any of his songs) but I’m thinking of buying his new album Mastermind, out Tuesday, because Nick Catucci’s review in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly says it’s “his best effort since the 2012 mix tape Rich Forever”.

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