All-Star Jam

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Apr 202014

What you’re about to see , beginning at the 46-second mark, may blow your mind. See if you can return the favor in this week’s All-Star Jam!


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  1. diskojoe

    I went down to the Record Exchange in the Witch City to celebrate Record Store Day this past Saturday. The place was packed w/people & it had a few RSD goodies. I was tiold that 10-15 people were waiting for it to open after geeting the news via Facebook, which wasn;t even a dream when I first started going there about 36 yrs. ago. I picked up an Australian Byrds CD compliation & a UK box set of Motown stuff, which included the Northern Soul single that sold for $50K.

    Also, I picked up the Rock Snob’s Directory at a library book sale last weekend for $1. It was worth every penny 😉

  2. Why does this annoy you? (Besides Oasis – eughh – and the Grateful Dead, I guess.)

  3. The list could have been named Tales of Captain Obvious. That band’s whole schtick hits at a weird lowest common denominator that I both admire and despise. I don’t doubt their sincerity, for what that’s worth, but a major magazine gives you the platform to list 10 essential albums and you spit out the 10 most obvious albums that any mildly hip dude might list? I’m a man of the people. I’m all for the man of the people, but something’s not right with that use of media space. It’s like a Desert Island Discs list from whatever glossy music mag ran those things in 1996. Some barely recognizable TV actor on the CW could have picked a more interesting 10 essential albums in the back pages of Entertainment Weekly. I hope this makes some sense.

  4. I need to carve out some time to finally watch this movie I’ve long heard about:

  5. His collaborator on this movie works in the office directly below me. I’ve been bugging her for a copy but she has yet to cough one up.

  6. Cool. I’m still trying to get a copy of the aborted Lou Reed interview on Fresh Air, which he walked out on and refused to allow air. Not a year passes that I don’t ask a friend connected to that show to leak the incident to RTH.

  7. cherguevara

    Maybe next show, he’ll ride a motorcycle onto stage?


  8. hrrundivbakshi


    Dude has the speech patterns, inflection, all that shit *down*. Seriously!

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