Jun 032014

The All-Star Jam is the place to sling your heavy soul!


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  1. ladymisskirroyale

    Continuing on with the Smiths vibe, I’ve found this site pretty great:

  2. I’m still making my way through the Rolling Stone interview with Jack White, but it’s spawning all sorts of reaction. Here’s my man (actually, not usually) Steven Hyden checking in: http://grantland.com/features/jack-white-meg-white-white-stripes-lazaretto/. For a rare time, I think Hyden exhausted his fingers typing out all those words for an interesting purpose. I still don’t get the hub-bub over Jack White and The White Stripes, although the longer I’ve felt they’re (collectively) only “OK” and the longer the rest of the rock world seems to move back toward my opinion regarding White’s post-White Stripes activities we seem to be getting on the same page. Little things about White occasionally crop up that make me like him a little bit more, most recently the “[no] high five” comment and the sweet reference to him in the latest Jarmusch film. Funny how the attention we give a few stars stirs up so much reaction, even in people who don’t care that much for a star’s works of art. Shine a such a bright, constant light on anyone and would it raise such interest?

  3. cherguevara

    I assume most of you have seen this video:

    The singer from the band “Staind” yelling at people in the crowd for molesting a girl as she crowd surfs. Setting aside the “main” topic here, it reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s talk to the crowd at the Isle of Wight:


    Are there other well known examples of a band yelling at or correcting the audience from the stage?

  4. I need to verify the scene and exactly what he says for something else I’m writing, but there’s that concert scene in Rude Boy when Mick Jones yells at someone. I think he says, “Get off the fuckin’ stage!” Another time (or later in the same scene) Mick or Joe try to calm the crowd down. And that reminds me of my favorite scene of this order, when Graham Nash or David Crosby try to love Stephen Stills out of a bad situation with a fan. What movie/festival is that from, Monterey? Big Sur? I need that scene on “speed dial.”

  5. Here we go, it’s Celebration at Big Sur. Some crazed hippie storms the “stage” around the 4:00 mark of this clip:


    Later, at the 6:00 mark, after Stills mellows out, he explains how he had 2 guys around him who “loved him out” of the bad situation. That is totally beautiful. The quick cut to the fan’s face at the 4:55 mark tells you just how hairy this scene was getting.

  6. cherguevara

    Stills’ loopy philosophy is just like one of his guitar solos!

  7. All of the known Live at Leeds video snippets as well as some cool photos: http://rnrchemist.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-who-live-at-leeds.html

    In addition to his many other talents, was Roger a pioneer in the art of manscaping?

  8. From this day forward, all dedications will be looonnggg distance:


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