Jul 212014

I can think of no better tribute to the late, great James Garner than this. Tell us how you really feel.


  16 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. Speaking of technical difficulties, Al’s T. Rex post somehow went back in time and needs to be reposted. I will do so once I get a sense of what’s going on. Thanks.

  2. Now Al’s piece is back, but Mic Check has dropped. I summon The Back Office. Now I don’t see Al’s piece either. Ugh…

  3. Good Lord – that clip was full of more ’60’s symbolism than a Bergman filum. The conga line of hotchik skaters garbed in blue represents the death of the oceans. The stark figure of the lone male-ish performer in pure white ovbiously symbolizes the oblivious dominance of white-ish male-ish people over mother nature – oh and the oceans. The short track boat racers represent the quickening pace of the headlong rush towards oblivion and angst. The Rockford files theme represents how television trivializes the headlong rush of male-ish skaterish figures toward coiffedness. The use of the minimoog as the lead instrument symbolizes how lame synthesizers sounded until Robert Mason delivered polyphony – and shark repellant to prevent the death of the hotchik oceans.

    After the triple triple Lutz (or was that a Salkow?) I expected the shark to bust right thru the ice (i.e. western culture’s indifference) and do a Robert Shaw on the pale male-ish figure to represent the revenge of karma and Mother Earth on the teeming masses. Maybe the inevitable end was cut off?

  4. OK quick question – with the death of Johnny Winter over the weekend, dammit – who ever gave Dylan’s a better ride?

  5. Is this the RTH equivalent of taking your ball and going home? You knew a devastating comeback was on it’s way to your specious arguments so you took down the thread.

    Confession is good for the soul!

  6. diskojoe

    This past weekend, I went to see A Hard Day’s Night at my local theater wearing my new Kinks T-shirt (Something Else front cover design). One of the employees took a look @ me & said, “Why are you wearing a Kinks T-Shirt @ a Beatles movie? It’s like wearing an Allman Bros. T-Shirt @ an AC/DC concert!”

  7. There’s something screwy with karma. Justin Beaver gets off with community service (after terrorizing his community, wha?) and last fall this guy opened a show for us at Elbo room. It just doesn’t make sense! People what is going on!

  8. Hey man, the new Yes album is out! Heaven and Earth!


  9. Are you talking about a better cover of a Dylan song?

  10. ladymisskirroyale

    Elbo Room in SF??? If so, we’re neighbors.

  11. cherguevara

    Yeah, try to make it through this song:

    YES – In A World Of Our Own (Lyrics Video): http://youtu.be/ldKKCJRb_So

  12. 2000 Man

    Wow, that suuuckss. It’s even worse than the crap that was on Big Generator. I’m gonna buy the new Reigning Sound album instead. http://youtu.be/XvkI6MHgNFo

  13. My apologies for 2 COOL posts that were lost during a server migration. Things should be settled now. Expect fresh content thisevening. Thanks.

  14. ladymisskirroyale

    What the???? What happened to Jon Anderson? Where are the variable, proggy time signatures? Where is any sense of style or mystery? Agggghhh!

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