Nov 242014

Ride as you please, but let’s ride together in this week’s All-Star Jam!


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  1. diskojoe

    I have a question for 2000 Man. I’ve been getting the live Stones shows that have come out on DVD such as Texas ’78 & Hampton ’81 & I’ve been surprised to see that Mick puts on a guitar & plays it during the shows. How competent of a guitarist is he & does he still play it on the recent tours.

  2. trigmogigmo

    Did anyone see and have a take on this article?

    Maybe it’s stating the obvious, but I do think that from watching U2’s promo on stage at the Apple event, and hearing bits of the album, that it feels like their effort was to make something huge rather than just to make something true. I have also heard bits of Plant’s latest, and while not in my wheelhouse, it was appealing in the way of musicians just doing their thing and not trying to be large.

  3. I haven’t read the article but I have admired Plant, even as I can’t say I’ve listened to much of his solo output, for going about his business. Or, I guess it’s really going about his art and forgoing business.

    The numbers thrown about can’t necessarily be believed but surely there must be the GNP of a small country and then some to be made in a Led Zep reunion, something Page, Jones, and (Jason) Bonham are all behind but Plant is the constant roadblock.

    I suppose there’s thread there or an LMS of musician’s who, unlike Plant, have gone about their business…

  4. 2000 Man

    He plays it to this day, but he doesn’t play it as much as he did. They’ve got the usual band and brought Mick Taylor out for a few songs last time around, so he didn’t need to play. He’s pretty good, and has played on albums for a long time now. Keith taught him, so he kind of plays like Keith. He wrote the riffs to a lot of big Stones songs, like Brown Sugar. He’s the first thing you hear on the Steel Wheels album. That’s his guitar opening up Sad Sad Sad.

    So he plays it pretty well, but he doesn’t look cool with a guitar like everyone else that picks one up does.

  5. diskojoe

    Thanks for your answer, 2000 Man, I appreciate it. Not knowing too much about the Stones recently, I was rather surprised to see Mick use the guitar on those DVDs. I knew that he can blow the harp, but I thought that was all he could play. I was also thinking of Elvis, who could play guitar, but used it mainly as a stage prop. Thanks again

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