Jul 212015

Get your summer jam on—and imagine Peter Sellers as John Lennon!


  14 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. Speaking of summer jams, I have been hearing more Canned Heat this summer than at any time in my life. I’ve heard Let’s Work Together something like five times (including a Nationals game last Sunday). People in the stand were jamming!


    Are they cool again or on some new movie soundtrack or something?

  2. misterioso

    “Cool again” suggests that Canned Heat was ever cool, an idea that I must reject. I mean, that voice, c’mon.

  3. misterioso

    Afraid I don’t have time for a full-scale “He Was a Great Man…” but Buddy Buie, the presiding spirit behind Classics IV and Atlanta Rhythm Section is no longer with us http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/21/arts/buddy-buie-producer-and-hit-making-songwriter-dies-at-74.html?_r=0 Not sure what to say about this except that the 70s wouldn’t have been the same without “So Into You.” Draw your own conclusions from that.

  4. Somebody in the Hall must be into Canned Heat right? In the meantime, some in-depth research — Wiki! Their page says they were one of the most popular acts of “the hippie” era and known as “the bad of boys of rock!” Who knew?

    Lots of records over the years and a shitload of band members, so no wonder I’ve seen a few “formerly of Canned Heat” credits over the years.

    One of those dudes in the video — Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson — died of acute barbiturate intoxication at age . . . 27 . . . weeks before Janis and Jimi! The lead singer Bob “The Bear” Hite OD’d when a fan gave him some heroin he thought was coke! He was only 38 . . . damn!

  5. I’m standing by “Going Up the Country” and “On the Road Again.” Classic hippie anthems – and unintentionally funny to boot.

  6. I’ve always loved the Hooker ‘N’ Heat album. Al the John Lee Hooker anyone needs, methinks.

  7. As I recently mentioned, I’ve been on a bit of a Dusty Springfield kick lately and she does a killer version of Spooky.

  8. Now here’s a doc I’ll look forward to seeing. I first saw Leon Russell back in his heyday at the Spectrum in the early ’70s and it was a fantastic show. I’ve long thought he is one of the most underrated figures in rock & roll.


  9. BigSteve

    Let’s Work Together would make me jam too, though I think boogie would be the more proper term for it. I had their third album, and I remember a very nice version of One Kind Favor. I actually saw them live back when Alan Wilson was still alive, but it was a bit too much boogie even for me.

  10. If you click on two links this week, let them be these –


    There was some show the other day in NYC with the Muscle Shoals All-Stars and various guests. This clip features Sam Moore. Unbelievable voice for a 79 years old.

    And this clip of Bettye LaVette is smokin’!


    Mick Jagger can only dream of having those stage moves!!

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