Sep 082015

You may know already that I’m a big fan of the late guitarist Robert Quine, who was first known to me as the guy behind the unbelievable short solos on Richard Hell & the Voidoids‘ “Blank Generation” only to blow my mind a few years later on Lou Reed‘s The Blue Mask. I just stumbled on this little clip of a guy playing one of Quine’s guitars, bought from his estate in 2004. It’s kind of poignant, at least to me (especially with the text accompanying the post, copied below), so let it be the start of this week’s All-Star Jam, where you bring to the table whatever musically relevant topic is on your mind.

This guitar is one of three I purchased as soon as the collection went public after his passing in 2004. I purchased them in 9/05 and have owned all three in the videos. He had 2 triple sunbursts and each one is totally different. The Barcelona triple sunburst has a fixed bridge, tremolo but bridge was anchored so I left it that way. The other, which is the one in the video, had a floating Quine feel and was amazing. The tone and ghost of Robert is all over it. I bought these becuase he used Fernandes Stratocasters with Lou Reed on tour, and on Blue Mask. I saw Quine in 1984 with Lou and am a true fan. Talk to Rudy Pensa on 48th Street in NYC about Bobby if you have a moment. Thank you Charles in Tokyo for the purchase of this instrument. Hope you hear Robert Q when you hold it.

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  1. ladymisskirroyale

    I was reminded to listen to Young Marble Giant’s “Colossal Youth” (thank you, FB friend) and I would just like to take a moment to shout out what a great album it is. I love Alison Statton’s light voice, and really dig the interplay between the Moxham brothers’ bass and guitar, and that crazy serrated pick playing of the guitar. Here is “Wurlitzer Jukebox” so you can be part of the YMG fan club, too.

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