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  28 Responses to “All-Star Jam”

  1. You only think you don’t want to devote 16 minutes and 15 seconds to this video on Eric Clapton’s bookshelf but trust me you do. This is the ultimate RTH post. We need Andrew Male roaming these Halls


  2. Thanks Back Office!

  3. cherguevara

    That Clapton video is fantastic, funny. (And, as I follow Male on Twitter, have to send him some virtual sympathies on the passing of his wife from this awful virus.) When I think of rock stars and reading, I think first of Bowie.

    I’ll mention a few random things, one of which I’m pretty sure I posted on the FB RTH page, but better here:
    This is Beatles historian Mark Lewissohn on a podcast where the guests pick a Beatles album to discuss. Most of the episodes are “What Abbey Road means to me,” or some personal reflections of the guest. But here, Lewissohn picks apart the Star Club recording, an album which I never listen to. I bought it at Woolworth’s as a kid, same place I bought “Fonzie’s Favorites” album, and who knows how many Charleston Chews, all while being unsubtly shadowed by store security who decided that children under the age of 10 were shady AF. When I dropped it on my turntable and heard this muddy mess of music and unintelligible banter, I dismissed it. But it is an important document, and Lewissohn has done the work to find the significance of all the details. Also, there is a hilarious story about George Harrison having Xmas dinner with the family of his German girlfriend.

    Lastly, if I had the energy, I’d try this as a “mystery date,” but…. Here we have a new entity from a few people related to the band Jellyfish:
    Like JF, this song is a montage of influences, you could almost play “bingo’ with them. I’ll refrain from analysis of the song, for now. Key JF singer/writer Andy Sturmer is still MIA (writing music for TV, I believe) so we have Roger Manning Jr, who has been a sideman to Beck for several years, Tim Smith who was a member of the Producers before playing on the 2nd JF album and lately has been with one of the Gallagher brothers (don’t recall). Last, we have Eric Dover, who joined JF as a touring member and was a part of another post-JF band, Imperial Drag.

  4. diskojoe

    Speaking of Jellyfish, I bought their box set @ my local FYE for $0.25

    One thing that I’ve been doing is taking advantage of the DVD burner @ my work computer to make compilations off of YouTube.
    One such compilation was all the Rolling Stones videos from 1973-1982. The pre-Some Girls videos show Sir Mick in a rather unflattering light. Here’s an example where he looks like a combination of Bea Arthur & the Joker:


  5. While not a big fan of the band, the Oasis documentary “Supersonic” (netflix) is very entertaining and very well done. It is 100% the band or inner circle speaking. (sorry Mr Mod/Chickenfrank – no Axs Rock Legend talking heads). Definitely worth the 2hrs.

    I am amazed how much video they had of themselves!!

  6. diskojoe, THAT is a killer find – and apt description of Mick’s Look! 🙂

  7. al, that Clapton’s bookshelf piece was most worthy of our bookshelf! Thank you.

  8. Greatly appreciate the link for the latest Mark Lewisohn talk. Didn’t know this one was out there! And all about my favorite Beatles’ chunk of history, Hamburg., no less! Please, Please me and continue to post any more recent links to podcasts featuring Lewisohn!

  9. BigSteve

    The Clapton video was interesting, but it really made me feel for Eric.I can’t imagine being a human being whose guitar playing gives snarky journalists free reign to do that kind of character assassination.

  10. I second andyr’s endorsement of the Oasis documentary, and raise him the Bill Wyman documentary and the one about Clarence Avant (the Black Godfather). I had never heard of Avant before but the parade of heavy hitters coming out to sing his praises was impressive.

  11. That Stones video is immensely troubling.

    “The Sweet’s pretty popular now, innit? Good Look…”

    “Yeah but have you seen the Lockers on Soul Train?” (https://flashbak.com/the-lockers-1970s-soul-train-dancers-who-made-us-pop-lock-and-electric-boogaloo-36660/)

    “Wait a minute, are you finking what I’m finking?”

  12. cherguevara

    Anyone checking out the Holsapple/Stamey album “Our Back Pages,” acoustic/stripped-down renditions of dB’s tunes? I’d be curious to hear opinions.

    One day, I’ll learn to spell “Lewisohn.”

  13. cdm, I did not know that Philly’s own Toni Basil had a Soul Train tie-in as well as all the other cultural signifiers she’s had a role in. Where’s the Toni Basil documentary on Netflix to get us through these times?

    cher, I had no idea Holsapple and Stamey had a new album of dB’s tunes. I hope they’re not using their 127-string guitars, or whatever that old routine of mine called them. I’ll have to check that out. Still wish I could hear Gene Holder back on bass!

  14. diskojoe

    I also liked Supersonic, although there was nothing about the big Blur/Oasis battle of the summer of ’95

    Also, if you thought that Stones video was something else, here’s another one where Sir Mick looks like a demented cockatoo:


    I would like to hear 2000 Man’s thoughts on this.

  15. After seeing that latest Stones video, I starting to think that maybe cocaine might not lead to the best decision making.

  16. The fuckin’ fan!

  17. I’m tempted to do a frame-by-frame breakdown of that “Hey, Negrita” video that diskojoe shared. Mick looks like he’s ready for Philadelphia’s Mummer’s Parade.

  18. cherguevara

    Just FYI, as I hadn’t realized, the Holsapple/Stamey album was done for a good cause. Details here:


  19. Gene Holder = Db”s Secret Weapon!

  20. I know, just what you need, another corona song parody but this is the best one I’ve seen.


  21. alexmagic

    If there’s ever any some kind of question about Mick’s legacy, you just need to re-watch him put the rest of the band on his back and carry them in all of those officially-released Stones promo clips from the late 70s. Much like the music, they go too corporate and slick right after Tattoo You, but Jagger has the lunatic charisma of the next 10 best frontmen in the early Ron Wood years when you put a camera on him.

  22. Happiness Stan

    Just saw that coronavirus has claimed Matthew Seligman, saw him play a few times with the Soft Boys and Robyn Hitchcock, he was also in the Thompson Twins for a while, played with Thomas Dolby and backed Bowie at live aid. So feeling sad tonight, I’m off to look for “Queen of Eyes” on YouTube now and will dig out Underwater Moonlight, the Soft Boys masterpiece, tomorrow.

  23. ladymisskirroyale

    Mod – speaking of Toni Basil and bringing it around to an earlier thread, did you notice her in Five Easy Pieces? Helena Kallioniates, who was riding in the car with her as Jack Nicholson’s girlfriend at the time.

    During the evenings, Slim Jade and I have been going through the Criterion Channel’s 70s Style Icons collection – it’s a pretty weird assortment and I’m not sure how they chose it. (There seems to be more of a style overlap with the Quincy Jones Soundtrack collection, which we’ve also been watching). In the search for true style, we’ve sat through some horrible 70’s choices – Thank God It’s Friday (???!!!) – not even Jeff Goldblum and a brief appearance by the Commodores could rescue that turkey.

    We’ve watched two of the Quincy Jones Soundtrack collection, which begs the following two questions:
    1. Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice. Yuck. That movie is a comedy? What has made that movie such a cultural touchstone? It is any good? The reviews are decidedly mixed…
    2. Does any Quincy Jones soundtrack not sound like it’s really just an outtake from a bad 70’s tv detective show?

  24. ladymisskirroyale, so good to see you back in the Hall! I know we keep in touch in real life, but it’s somehow special to bump into friends here, even those who think the production on Fun House is lacking, even a person who holds that opinion, no less, while also thinking Raw Power is the one Stooges album with any conventional bona fides, for whatever that’s worth. Anyhow…from what I recall, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice was one of those movies that was outdated about 12 minutes after its initial screening. I think it’s one of those weird cultural artifacts that’s at the bridge of The Old and The New.

  25. In some thread that I’m too lazy to look up there was a request for good music documentaries. Here’s one on Emitt Rhodes


  26. That Cohen/Joel thing is absolutely hilarious!

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