Feb 052011

Buck Munger is one cool dude! Nearly 12 minutes of extensive research tells me that he worked for guitar and amplifier manufacturing companies. Check out his memories of working with Sunn amps and hanging with the likes of The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and The Buckinghams. Our friend Townsman Hrrundivbakshi, who will be hosting tonight’s special Thrifty Music edition of Saturday Night Shut-In, will be happy to read that Billy Gibbons was yet another intimate. I need to see if we can reach Mr. Munger. He seems like the type who would play well in the Hall.

I’ll tell you what: a 13th minute of research led me to this next video gem. Check it out…after the jump!

Is that one of our Pacific Northwest Townspeople I see in the crowd, like jeangray?


  12 Responses to “All-Star Jam: Buck Munger Twofer Edition!”

  1. Did Black Eyed Peas kill at tonight’s halftime show or what?!?! I loved the debut of the Slash hologram. Now you can dial up a 3-D image of Slash playing that riff from “Sweet Child o’ Mine” whenever you want. Coming soon in bedside nighttable version!

  2. BigSteve

    I was trying to keep an open mind, but it seemed to go on forever. At least they seemed to be singing live, given the mic technique of the female singer,

    I was also wondering if we’re raising a generation who barely know what non-autotuned vocals sound like. And there was no attempt to show a band, so I guess kids think music just miraculously comes into being behind vocalists.

  3. Yeah, the complete lack of even fake musicians was shocking. Like you, I tried to keep an open mind – and I’m actually in awe of the Peas’ ability to maintain such enthusiasm as they anticipate the beginning of a great party. It seems like all their songs are commands to prepare to party. Do they actually ever party? Maybe not, and maybe that’s a good message for The Kidz.

  4. mockcarr

    By golly, they sure added some words to Dick Dale’s Miserlou, didnt’ they?

  5. alexmagic

    I think what’s most impressive about the Black Eyed Peas is how none of them actually do anything. Only one of them even pretends to sing, and only one of them (the other, other dude) kinda sorta raps.

    And none of them dance! Not a single one. That’s what struck me most about the Halftime Show, that they seem to have perfected the stage dance equivalent of Holstering. They all strike poses that, if you saw a photo still, you’d assume they were in mid dance, but no, they just sort of get into vaguely dance-like poses, and occassionally move their knees or an arm.

    To become as wildly successful as they are without ever getting around to establishing what it is that they do is actually quite a feat. I think the Mod might be on to something when talking about their commitment to talking about the idea of eventually partying: what they do as performers is kind of like the party host’s roommate who goes around making sure the chip bowls are full, the glasses have coasters under them and nobody has left a coat on top of a radiator.

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    Alex, that shit is funny!

  7. I’ll second what HVB said. The concept of a stage dance equivalent of Holstering is genius. I was also thinking, as I watched them (and, it should be noted, gave them Mad props for resisting the use of an African American Robed Choir), that they and the Fox camera crew perfected the art of the built-in audience/ choreographed worshippers. There were certain shots that seemed to come right from Ken Russell’s Tommy, you know, like the scene in which Tommy’s found fame as a Healer at his special camp or the legendary “Eyesight to the Blind” scene.

  8. mockcarr

    Funny stuff. I thought I must have missed the Tron 2 or Transformers IX or whatever fx-driven movie commercial that segued into those outfits.

    I also like how it took a line or so for Fergie to remember she was the “singer” and she would then rush to bellow the last line in such a way as to tax the autotuner. It kind of reminded me of Grace Slick hollering around a melody, circling the note before deciding on it. And then, most times, being still wrong somehow.

  9. misterioso

    They are bloody awful, and Aguilera’s was the worst singing of the Star Spangled Banner since Enrico Palazzo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyCc1DzRAgQ

  10. machinery

    I love the Slash had a special rhinestoned top hat. I mean, how would we know it was him if he didn’t have that hat?

  11. jeangray

    I’m a-starting to think that the Peas have taken performance art to a whole new place. It’s like they actually had a planning session and decided to go with the most lame-brained concept they could come up with. Izzat giving them too much credit???????

    I would so love them if’n this was all jus’ one big old joke on us.

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