May 242012

Should we make this a “ladies only” All-Star Jam? Nah, that wouldn’t be fair. Feel free to add whatever’s on your mind.


  24 Responses to “All-Star Jam: Female-Fronted Edition!”

  1. Could I please get a pronunciation on “hrrundivbakshi”? When I read it in my head I hear what I used to sound like in the mornings back when I smoked.


  2. diskojoe

    This is way, way off topic, but I have a question for Mr. Mod & any other Philly sports fans here. As you probably know, the A’s are wanting to get out of Oakland & move to San Jose for some time now, w/the Giants opposing the move. What I’m wondering is it feasible for the A’s to move back to Philly? I heard that the general NY-NJ area can support another team & I would think that the A’s could get some of the Yankees fan base in South Jersey. Sorry for being off topic, but I’m just curious.

  3. I happen vaguely know a local blogger who’s made getting the A’s back in Philly into a mission of sorts.

    I’m no expert about these sorts of things, but I am a little skeptical about the A’s succeeding back in Philly proper. South Jersey may be a little more plausible.

  4. I don’t think we have enough of a rabid baseball population to support 2 teams, as rabid as Phillies fans presently are. The A’s could only succeed in Philly on one condition: if they could dress like the 1912 team and have Connie Mack come back to life and coach them in a suit and straw hat.

  5. diskojoe

    My father, who wasn’t much of a sports fan & prided himself on his clothes, always liked to see Tom Landry wear his suit & hat.

    I think that the 1929-31 A’s could give the recent Phillies team a bit of a tussle.

  6. So far this year even the Padres and Cubs have been able to stick it to the Phils:)

  7. hrrundivbakshi

    In a search for obscure fotos of pre-adenoidal rock stars, I somehow stumbled upon this site. I have no clue who these guys are, but every twisted path I follow through this site contains 100% awesomeness of the purest, weirdest form. HappinessStan, do you have any idea who these guys are? The movie links to the Subterraneans are particularly wonderful.

  8. hrrundivbakshi

    Whoops — here’s the URL:

  9. cherguevara

    Atlanta Rhythm Section drummer has died:

    As for female fronted things, played the 1st Pretenders album today, it’s a winner. Also lately been digging the “home” ep by Jenny O and also Sharon Van Etten’s album “Tramp.”

  10. Rhett Miller of the Old 97’s really likes David Bowie’s Hunky Dory . . . and Joan Jett — writing in Salon today

  11. cherguevara

    Another random item – a short film (about 35m) called “‎”We Didn’t Get Famous” The Story of the Southern Music Underground, 1978-1990″

  12. ladymisskirroyale

    Next, I need help pronouncing Birdie Num Nums.

  13. ladymisskirroyale

    Went to see Spiritualized last night – Jason Pierce sounded good despite his near death experiences. He had two female back up singers, who were well-endowed in the female fronted area, and a crazy good guitarist. I’m not the biggest Spiritualized fan (although Mr. Royale is) but I like the latest album quite a bit.

  14. Hey, I’m distantly-related-by-marriage to the McGillicuddy family; they’ll need to be cut in on the proceeds of this!

  15. Way back in high school I won some tickets from either WFIL or WIBG for a show at the Philadelphia Convention Center (or whatever it was called at the time, the Philadelphia Arena?) and saw a show with Jose Feliciano, the Guess Who, and Fanny.

    Top that in the realm of female band experiences RTHers!

    (Returning home from the show – via the 13 subway surface car – we were nearly mugged by a group of nine guys on West Cobbs Creek Parkway, one of which was wielding, no kidding, a guitar. Fortunately we were able to outrun them, guitar-less as we were.)

  16. Great story. I doubt anyone’s seen a show as powerfully female fronted as your Fanny experience. Maybe alexmagic will want to recount his legendary story of seeing 4 Non-Blondes opening for Spin Doctors at the Mann Music Center? That story was a big hit at the Sausages for Sammy party.

  17. cherguevara

    That sounds horrible!

  18. 89 year old Doc Watson had a fall and is in critical condition.

  19. Cool piece on The Impossible Years, Philadelphia’s early ’80s paisley pop band, and thanks to their drummer, whom I befriended at a bookstore job, and manager, whom I befriended through my bookstore friend, my first significant contact with our city’s underground music scene.

  20. Hey, Mod, is there a link to go with that? I got a copy of “Attraction Gear” during the time when I was combing the net for 80’s Philly material. That search is what eventually led me to RTH.

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