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  11 Responses to “All-Star Jam: Veteran’s Day Edition”

  1. Wow! I remember watching that Ed Sullivan show way back when…

    And another CCR “Fortunate Son” memory. Any of you Philly folks go far enough back to remember when the Sunday Bulletin used to have a feature where they had lyrics and chords for a hit of the day? I remember clipping out “Fortunate Son” and playing it on my first acoustic guitar.

  2. Mr. Moderator

    I don’t recall the lyrics and chords thing from the Sunday Bulletin. Amazing!

  3. Mr. Moderator

    Best Veterans-Themed Album Covers:
    The Band, s/t
    The Jam, Setting Sons…

    Worst Veterans-Themed Album Covers:
    The Clash, Combat Rock…

    Just the tip of the iceberg?

  4. Mr. Moderator

    Oh man, that’s real bad! It’s so bad I quickly felt like throwing out my fatefold version of Funhouse.

  5. Mr. Moderator

    The Onion AV Club takes a page from RTH:

    Nowhere near as insightful as the work we do here, I might add…

  6. The Onion AV Club takes a page from RTH:

    A cool article (I love the AV Club), but the inclusion of Blur’s 13 is waaaayyy off. I love that album. From the halcyon days when Graham Coxon was going to revolutionize the guitar as we know it!

  7. Mr. Moderator

    Philly Townspeople,

    I’m off to see that Strummer flick at the Ritz at the Bourse tonight at 10:00. Townsman Chickenfrank is expected to join me. Anyone else game? Look for the well-balanced, unobtrusive Moderator-looking guy and Keith Richards, if he’d been able to keep his life together.

  8. trolleyvox

    Good to see some Townsmen out last night at the David Kilgour show. Oats is currently rocking a fine Sgt. Pepper stache.


  9. BigSteve

    How was Kilgour live? I really like his records, and I was very disappointed when I missed him after he had to cancel the tour opening for Yo La Tengo ealier this year.

  10. trolleyvox

    Kilgour and his band were really quite good. Lots of cosmic NZ old school jangle and drone. Hey kept switching off from a Jazz Master in regular tuning to some sort of Gibson hollowbody in an open tuning. He also had two mics, one normal sounding, one heavily reverberated. I suspect our Mod would have issues with that conceit, but I liked it. The rhythm guitarist played this crazy rectangular 12-string electric with a sliding pick-up. Looked way strange and sounded very nice if you dig 128 string guitars, which I most emphatically do.

    I bought the new record from him, but it hasn’t really opened up my brain as of yet like some of his previous efforts have.

    Apparently the Clean are playing three NYC shows at the end of this month, and possibly a Philly show right after that.

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