Nov 242020

The poem that Gibson reads on that old sitcom episode actually dates back to 1920, but Gibson and Richard Baskin turned it into a song for Nashville. I will next have to pull out my Robert Altman biography and see if the creative process that got from a brief scene on The Dick Van Dyke Show to Nashville is outlined.

Then, I will forget something else that’s actually important.


  6 Responses to “Another Reason I Will Soon Forget Something Important”

  1. Man, that is really playing the long game by Gibson and Altman. I usually think of Henry Gibson in Altman’s The Long Goodbye first. Did he do a stint on Laugh In, too? Did they have Arte Johnson and Henry Gibson at the same time? That’s a small man powerhouse duo.

  2. The Long Goodbye is such a great movie – and yes, Gibson and Johnson together on Laugh-In was the beginning of a TV Small Faces.

  3. misterioso

    No, I didn’t make the connection but dear God, I love the Dick van Dyke Show!

  4. Karen Black!

  5. mockcarr

    A line from a recent episode I saw that I have to appropriate happens during a party where a woman is flirting with Rob and then moves on to Buddy in expectation of practicing her game for when Alan Brady shows up; she says “What’s Alan Brady really like?”, and Buddy says “ I don’t think Alan Brady really likes anything.”

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