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Is there a better movie still available on the Web from a rock film than the above shot of Kyle MacLachlan as Ray Manzarek from The Doors? If so, post a link to the superior rock movie still.

A few things jump out, particularly wigs and sideburns. Wigs and sideburns hell, I should say. – Kyle MacLachlan, on his participation in The Doors

I look forward to your gems.



  63 Responses to “Battle Royale: Best Movie Still From a Rock Flick”

  1. cliff sovinsanity

    I see your Manzarek/MacLachlan and raise you a Prince.

  2. BigSteve

    Other people might choose a still from Quadrophenia featuring scooters, but that’s not my thing, so I’ll submit this one of the mods:–WYOpIcQlqU/TuT_m2XbW_I/AAAAAAAACb8/N4D2hdAZ2lc/s640/article-1160919-001965AC00000258-577_468x423.jpg

  3. Awesome! That’s actually cool, maybe even cooler than MacRayMan.

    Good timing, by the way: I just saw your post after considering buying tickets to see the Who play Quadrophenia at our local enormodome.

  4. Hilarious, are those from that Todd Haynes glam movie?

  5. Nothing’s going to save you from a love that’s blind…

  6. Damn, I was hoping for that rare still of Jeff Healy whacking Ben Gazarra over the head with his axe, helping out Patrick Swayze in one of the a bar fight scene from Roadhouse.

  7. Yep, Velvet Goldmine.

  8. This still has taken the lead, Bobby. What’s that from, some Russ Meyer or Roger Corman production? The girls’ bosoms look a little undersized for Meyer’s oeuvre.

  9. “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”. Russ Meyer’s first (out of two) major studio productions. Co-written by Roger Ebert. Cost $900k to make, grossed $9m. It’s a must-see! Seriously.

  10. Ah, I saw that a long time ago along with a few other Meyer movies. I don’t recall liking anything about his movies, not even the giant boobs shot from the ground up, but that still may make me consider revisiting this particular film.

  11. I think, from a technical aspect (how he uses the camera, the shots he composes and his editing style) he’s a very good filmmaker, despite what anyone feels about the mammary fetish. He definitely wasn’t inept. But I’m not about to argue his merits with anyone. I find several of his movies very entertaining, and definitely well-made.

  12. Not technically a still, but this GIF of Nicholson in “Psych-Out” is pretty fun:

  13. That’s great. Now THAT’S a movie I can stand behind! Here’s the first image that comes to mind for me when I think of that movie:

    Better yet (and not disgusting), here’s another still that I think is from that movie. This depicts a world I would so badly like to live in for just one night:

  14. I’ve seen that movie! Great shots.

  15. Yeah, I love PSYCH-OUT. I break out the DVD at least once a year.

  16. I gotta say, “Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys” has to have some wig-man connection to “The Doors.” A sampling:


  17. YES! I wish you could hear how loud I’m laughing. Nothing beats Mike Love’s beard wig.

  18. Slim Jade

    “It was fun for a while, there was no way of knowing…”

  19. ladymisskirroyale

    Apparently Jonathan Rhys Meyers did his own vocals.

  20. Dang, that’s going to be pretty tough to beat.

  21. Man, that IS impressive!!!

  22. From the Herschell Gordon Lewis feature, THE BLAST-OFF GIRLS, featuring special guest appearance by “Colonel” Harland Sanders:

  23. I saw those guys play live in Helsinki in 1993!

  24. THAT shot of Cruise is currently in the lead!

  25. Ha! Just as I remember that turd.

  26. The turning point for me in what, to that point, had been a hum-drum film.

  27. That’s giving the Cruise shot a run for its money.

  28. I misread CDM’s entry above and immediately thought of this fine little combo:

    “Wherever you go, there you are.”

  29. ladymisskirroyale

    You can’t leave out Perfect Tommy:

  30. I thought Morris Day stole the show in “Purple Rain” Especially his singing AND gyrations with “Jungle Love” Oh ee oh ee oh. indeed. Overall I thought the movie’s parts was much better than its whole. I thought Day’s performance with that number was the highlight of the picture.

  31. Good catch, I missed that. I was mostly disappointed that Jeff Goldblum in his ridiculous cowboy outfit was not part of the band.

  32. misterioso

    A pretty good movie, as I recall, but Dave Grusin should be shot for the crappy music. Does anyone suck more than he does for film music?

  33. misterioso

    In other news, Mike Love has just fired the actors who played the other Beach Boys in this movie.

  34. misterioso


  35. Perhaps my wife and I are the only people who couldn’t stand The Fabulous Baker Boys. I am aware of the fact that Michelle Pfeifer is good looking. Other than seeing her slink around on a piano, what was I missing?

  36. I loved that movie. Sethro and I saw it in the theater the night it came out. We were certain we’d seen the first great, decade-defining cultural movie of the ’80s. We were WRONG about the film’s influence!

  37. ladymisskirroyale

    One of my FAVORITE movies!

  38. ladymisskirroyale

    Jesus. Although cute demi bra.

  39. trigmogigmo

    Classic video there. I love “Help” because it is just so silly. During my initial search, I found a not unrelated theme in this McCartney photo from “A Hard Day’s Night”.

  40. You’re always asking the important questions, chicken! You know you can count me on Team Malory.

  41. Oh man, was that Afterschool Special actually aired? I need to track that thing down!

  42. misterioso

    Is that Bernie Koppell, the dude from the Love Boat? I’m certainly not going to say anything disdainful or contemptuous about him, just asking, BB.

  43. Yes, it is.

  44. Note the air date on this thing –

    This is the only video I could find:

  45. trigmogigmo

    Before I look at IMBD, I will guess the punk is Brad Dourif.

  46. trigmogigmo

    D’oh! Never mind.

  47. That was my first thought when seeing the ad….it almost looks like a different guy in the video clip (of course, Brad would have been a little too old when this masterpiece came out).

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