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To begin the effort to answer this important question – and see that there is a victor in our Battle Royale – I’m gonna say “Everybody’s Talking” from Midnight Cowboy. Have you heard heard or thought of this song without immediately thinking of the movie? Have you ever thought of the movie without hearing the song in your head?


  42 Responses to “Battle Royale: What Rock Song Is Most Closely Identified With a Particular Movie?”

  1. buddy whelan

    “sounds of silence” for the graduate
    that scott joplin song for “the sting”

  2. “Born To Be Wild” for Easy Rider or “I
    Got You Babe” for Groundhog Day.

  3. Mr. Moderator

    “Sounds of Silence” and The Graduate is an excellent challenger for the belt. However, “Mrs. Robinson” is the first song that comes to mind for me regarding that movie, and if you had suggested that one, somebody else might have suggested “Sounds of Silence.” These two strong contenders have weakened each other, buddy. I’m sorry. I believe I’m still clutching the belt.

    Chuckflack’s “Born to Be Wild” is a personal fave. I absorbed some body blows with that challenger, but I’m certain I managed to keep my grip on the belt.

    Come on, who really wants it?

  4. “Sister Christian” in Boogie Nights.

  5. i associate “you got the touch” (or even the commodores’ “machine gun”) with boogie nights a bit more, but the “sister christian” scene is my least favorite in the movie.

    “don’t you forget about me” for the breakfast club.

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    Come on, Mod — hand over the belt. Making their way to the ring is Queen, with their theme song for the movie “Flash Gordon.”

    FLASH! Aaaahhh-ahhhhh…

  7. On third thought, I’m afraid it’s got to be Stayin’ Alive from Saturday Night Fever. Gimme the belt Mr. Mod.

  8. BigSteve

    Are title songs excluded? If not, there’s Help!, A Hard Day’s Night, Gimme Shelter….

  9. Mr. Moderator

    The fact that you guys are posting multiple challengers, or saying that you’re more reminded of some other song beside the one someone else posted, tells me something more than your lack of confidence in backing a single challenger; it tells me…that I’M NOT JUST HOLDING THE BELT, I’M WEARING IT!

    “Staying Alive” was a good one, Hrrundi, but that movie’s got a few other key songs associated with it. I can take the body blows. Keep ’em coming!

  10. Mr. Moderator

    By the way, BigSteve, how many people really associate the song “Gimme Shelter” with the movie of the same title? If I associate that with any film it’s one of a half dozen Scorscese films that uses it to signify his Catholic protagonist’s descent into the Dark Side.

    By the way, isn’t the film Gimme Shelter one of those rock docs we have to pretend we saw and liked at some time, isn’t it? Has anyone ever watched that thing while not being completely stoned and then drifting away from it, bored, after 30 minutes? (Excluding Dr. John, that is.)

  11. hrrundivbakshi

    Are you in the Land Of Little Horses, Mod? “Gimme Shelter” is absolutely brilliant, stoned or sober.

  12. Mr. Moderator

    The movie, Hrrundi? You’ve made it through that thing and can honestly say it’s “brilliant?” This may require further discussion. Can anyone else honestly say that love that movie – not just the few minutes of the band finally playing in the studio, the whole, plodding, self-imortant movie?

  13. My fiance says “My Heart will Go On” from Titanic. She wants her belt bedazzled.

  14. And when I told her some of the other choices she said “How old are the guys on that site?”

  15. Mr. Mod,

    Are you confusing Godard’s “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Gimme Shelter”, the Maysles Altamont movie. It sure sounds like it.

  16. Eye of the Tiger-Rocky 3

  17. Mr. Moderator

    Geo, I’m sure I get those two movies confused. I thought they both sucked. Gimme Shelter is the one where they keep playing the film of the murder, like it was Kennedy in the Zapruder film, right? I found that movie a buzzkill. The Godard film was even worse, if hazy memory serves. The Stones, as human beings, were poor subjects for rock-docs. This may get back to my thoughts about Mal Evans…

  18. Mr. Moderator

    Isn’t “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky 2? Regardless, SHAWNKILROY HAS RIPPED THE BELT FROM MY WAIST! Well played, Townsman!

  19. Mr. Moderator

    Northvancoveman, I’m sure your fiance is a wonderful woman. I’m just as sure you let her know we’re a young and hip lot, just with fantastic taste and extensive, thought-provoking knowledge of rock ‘n roll. Had Celine Dione been anything remotely rock, your fiance may have enjoyed a walk around the ring with the belt before shawnkilroy came into the ring.

  20. Mod,

    Celine doesn’t rock? Au contraire mon ami!

  21. I know the answer to this one, it’s “Fuck You,” by Dean and the Weenies from the movie, “Mondo New York.”


  22. BigSteve

    Dude, Gimme Shelter is supposed to be a buzzkill.

  23. The part that made me think that you meant Sympathy was that the Stones focal point of that movie was footage of the studio recording of that Song for Beggar’s Banquet. There were moments of Sticky Fingers studio work in Gimme shelter, but it was mostly tour footage and business meetings leading up to Altamont.

    And what BigSteve said is relevant; Gimme Shelter is in no way meant to be a fun concert movie. It’s a dark story. The title track, which I think gets played at the end credits as people straggle out of the debris strewn concert site, is really pretty chilling.

    It’s not surprising that Fritz is down with this movie; it’s the ultimate hippie indictment.

    Finally, on a lighter note, have Melvin Belli and Albert Grossman ever been sighted together. The scenes of the wheeling and dealing by these two guys in “Don’t Look Back” and “Gimme shelter” and their looks are so similar that I thought these were the same two guys for about twenty years.

  24. Sanite merde, nothcoveman! That Celine clip you posted is downright unsettling.

    Air guitar? Faux-duckwalking? “Knocking me out with his American thighs”? And that was just in the first 30 seconds.

    How about a little warning next time?

  25. Mr. Moderator

    BigSteve, did Dr. John hack into your account? What’s next, you’re going to tell me that the movie The Big Easy only makes sense to people in a certain zip code? 🙂

    I know Altamont was a HEAVY moment, man, and all that jazz, but when I saw both of those Stones movies I expected to see more of the Stones playing music. I find the Stones themselves, with the exception of Keith, pretty uninteresting as people/interview subjects. Am I alone in not liking the film Gimme Shelter? Can I dislike that film without showing disrespect to the heavy, heavy implications of Altamont?

  26. The point of Gimme Shelter was not to make the Stones look good. It was to show their powerlessness when the bad boy, Devil’s helpers image came back around on them and made them look silly and powerless, or at least totally unable to control their power when it started something that began to spin out of contol. I think the movie does that amazingly well. If you dislike that film because you “expected to see more of the Stones playing music”, you’re not disrespecting the heavy, heavy implications of Altamont, you’re just judging the movie on some misguided idea of what you thought it would be rather than what it was.

  27. Mr. Moderator

    Correct, Geo, and I also expected that the movie would be interesting and entertaining. I did not find that to be the case, and I’m cool with my ignorance. What I’m not cool with is the lack of support for my views on this matter:) Seriously, I hope this side discussion does not take away from the brilliance of shawnkilroy’s possible victory in this Battle Royale.

  28. BigSteve

    Pretty in Pink.

  29. This is off-topic: The “best timed death” poll is, for me, missing the best answer: Jim Morrisson.

  30. Molly Ringwald and Sylvester Stallone are grappling in the middle of the ring!

  31. I found Gimme Shelter to be “interesting and entertaining”. I’m not sure I would say I love it, but I certainly think it’s good. You’re getting no support because you don’t deserve it. Also, I’m not sure how “being completely stoned” would help anyone’s appreciation of it.

  32. My friend Henry is in Gimme Shelter.
    I liked the movie before I even noticed him in the crowd, dancin, smokin a goatskin covered hash cannon.
    I would watch Gimme Shelter 200 more times in a row before I would ever want to see Ritchie Havens toothless mug playin that fuckin thumb guitar or that fuckin spastic Joe Cocker fuckin Woodstock bullshit. This last month has pushed me beyond the limits of Yasgur saturation.

    Take it Back (do do do do) is the theme from Rocky 2. Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger is Rocky 3.

  33. Mr. Moderator

    Being completely stoned didn’t help, Geo.

  34. BigSteve

    The Stones come off really badly in Gimme Shelter. I don’t know if it was bravery for them to release the movie as it is or if they were already so insulated from reality that they didn’t see how bad they looked.

  35. like indulgent, spoiled, sissys.

  36. Sorry about the Celine clip CDM, it is truly, truly disturbing.

  37. I’ll second the off-topic comment: Brian Jones is a fairly obvious answer

  38. 2000 Man

    One Tin soldier for Billy Jack.

    The Belt looks nice on me.

  39. I like Gimme Shelter. I find the entire thing fascinating. Alot of it is watching a train headed for a brick wall. You know what’s coming, but it just keeps going straight ahead for it. The actual Altamont concert is like just hoping that someone has the sense to stop the thing. It spirals downhill from the very beginning. But no one stops. It just keeps on going. It’s as though someone HAD to be killed to purge the bad vibes that rang throughout the day.

    It’s not a happy film, but I really like Gimme shelter as a document.


  40. alexmagic

    Stuck In The Middle With You – Reservoir Dogs

  41. instantly into my mind popped Carry On My Wayward Son in 1977’s Heroes – Henry Winkler Viet Nam vet flick. I can’t hear it without thinking of him walking away at the end, credits scrolling over him…

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