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Apr 042012

RIGHT: James McCartney aka "Chip Stills"

You may have heard this already, but the kids of the Beatles are talking about getting together and forming a group. Good or bad idea? Remember the hype that poor Julian Lennon suffered under?


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  1. dbuskirk

    Here Comes the Sons! As a staunch believer in the ruling class, I think the sons (and maybe daughters) of successful rockers should be the ONLY people licensed to make the rock and roll. It’s all included in my “Rock is for Royalty” manifesto.

  2. It’s sweet that James seems to have inherited his father’s knack for making glib, grandiose comments about the Beatles’ legacy.

  3. How the hell did a couple as cute in their prime as Paul and Linda make a son who looks like a basset hound with a skin condition?

  4. I’m ok with it as long as they include Zac Starkey on drums (so James on lead guitar, Dhani on rhythm, Sean on Bass/Piano, Zac on Drums. Dhani and Sean can sing.)

    Julian can make a guest appearance maybe?

  5. James is thinking too small. You don’t get to tour the stadiums of the world with Hamish Stuart in tow with these kinds of ideas.

    My proposal: The Next Fab Four, a reality show featuring *all* Beatle offspring. Even non-musicians. Even non-musicians who are wildly successful, like Stella McCartney.

    The kids are split into groups of four. Each group lives in a mock-up of the house from Help! Each week, they have to successfully ape a particular Beatles era — Ed Sullivan, Sgt. Pepper, Apple Corps roof, etc.

    Your host: Graham Norton, only because I noticed when on honeymoon in Europe last year that he hosts about 20 talk and reality shows on the BBC.

    Your judges: Mark Hudson
    Robin Givens (They meant to get Robin Gibb, but someone used the wrong name on an email, so now she has to make up fake anecdotes about Ringo’s four-episode arc on Head of the Class.)
    Eleanor Bron

    At the end of each episode, one contestant is eliminated. Graham says “I’m sorry, ___________, please please leave.”

    I don’t know, maybe that last line needs work.

  6. cherguevara

    James’ stuff might be the best of the lot, though I’ve not heard Dhani Harrison’s music aside from that supergroup thing I heard, which I found to be completely unmemorable.

  7. Zak Starkey reportedly couldn’t contain his derisive laughter when informed of the idea.

    OK, I’m reading between the lines slightly, but not much.

  8. alexmagic

    They should be forming some kind of Gorillaz like collective, where they call upon certain Beatle Kids as needed. Stella can design what their CGI representations wear like Jamie Hewlett designs the Gorillaz, that sort of thing. And the band name should definitely be “Beatles 2000”.

    At the end of each episode, one contestant is eliminated. Graham says “I’m sorry, ___________, please please leave.”

    “Had you come some other day, then, it might not have been like this…”

  9. tonyola

    I think these “kids” need to have a long talk with Julian Lennon about putting yourself out there in public as a group while carrying the heavy baggage of being the sons of Beatles. Julian’s showbiz experience left him pretty bitter.

  10. Brilliant start! For “Fifth Beatle” purposes I think George Martin’s son needs to be stationed in the pool house.

  11. hrrundivbakshi

    My question: this can’t be about the money, can it? And if it’s not, what’s it about? Do these kids really *need* the fame? The whole thing is weird. Not just stupid and misguided, but weird.

  12. hrrundivbakshi


  13. Best I can figure is James McCartney trying to make some headlines.

    I’m agreeing with the story I read this morning, which said that if it were for a one-off charity gig it could be cool, but an attempt to make this a going concern would be hellish.

    P.S.: The youngest of these “kids” is 33.

  14. hrrundivbakshi

    Ahhh. So it’s a matter of all of them trying to finally, somehow, someway achieve recognition for the quality of their music, which they somehow have been unable to do despite vast sums of money, a matchless pedigree and 15 years of adult life. For some reason, their need to form a “New Beatles” in order to succeed gives me faith in the intelligence of the modern music industry machine.

  15. If you read the updated story from the link tonyola provided you’ll see that Young James admitted he was basically talking out his ass. I didn’t get the sense that this was seriously discussed or under consideration by the other Beatles kidz. I’m sure, however, that they are already talking about Oats’ reality show idea.

  16. Thanks, I will need medication to fall asleep tonight.

  17. Let’s be fair here – nowhere have I seen anything indicating that anyone other than James McCartney is actually talking about this.

  18. Ha!
    Of course, Lennon looks exactly the same as he always does except no owlish glasses (are they not emo?).

  19. 2000 Man

    I think it’s so people like Mitt Romney can feel comfortable having a manufactured band just for them. I mean, you can’t just grab a bunch of unknowns and give them a ride on your new car elevator, can you? These are all “nice boys.”

  20. 2000 Man

    That’s hilarious!

  21. cherguevara

    Is there any song by a child of a Beatle that anyone will stand behind?

  22. tonyola

    Actually, the emo Paul isn’t too far away from the look he had around the time of the White Album.

  23. tonyola

    Julian managed a few decent songs.

  24. BigSteve

    We all know how Beatles 2.0 would go. Sean thinks it’s his band, and he gets withdrawn and disaffected when James starts trying to run the show in not so subtle ways. Dhani gets bitchy when he can never get more than one of his songs on an album. Zak quits because he’s tired of always having to be the supportive peace-maker. In fact, reports are that Zak has quit before they started. Smart move.

  25. ladymisskirroyale

    I don’t even have a tv but I would buy one to watch something like that show.

  26. ladymisskirroyale

    Yes. I like some of Sean Lennon’s stuff, like “Into the Sun”

  27. cherguevara

    See, I didn’t care for Into The Sun. I’ve been told that some of Julian’s stuff was good, but I haven’t heard it, except for his hit. This was the baseline for my statement about James possibly being the best of the lot.

  28. dbuskirk

    I have more confidence in Billy Preston’s son, and I’m not even sure he exists.

  29. cherguevara

    Rock star family feud: Siblings vs children.

    Thom Yorke’s brother’s band vs Sting’s sons band
    Mike McGear vs Chris Stills
    Livingston Taylor vs Inara George

    Or something.

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