May 232007

As reported by Townsman Hrrundi…


  8 Responses to “Bill Wyman’s Birthday Present to Charlie Watts”

  1. Creepiest video ever! I keep yelling to the girl “DON’T GO IN THERE!!” Was this filmed on Mulholland Drive? “Someone is in TROUBLE, something bad is HAPPENING!”

    “There is no band, and YET, we hear the band!”

  2. …is that a very young Jennifer Connelly in that video??

  3. wow. it is – makes it a bit more acceptable to know that the US title to the movie it was used in was actually called “Creepers” too – did anyone see this movie?

  4. Plug it IN, Bill! For some reason I’m reminded of those hunting ranges in which the game is herded in a confined space, allowing hunters an easy chance to “bag” a deer or whatever. On Wyman’s ranch, it’s 16-year-old girls he keeps penned in.

    Did anyone else get turned on when he adjusted the knobs at the bottom of his Steinberger bass?

    Christ, Hrrundi, this is the best video I’ve seen since Mandom.

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    I wonder if this clip was a roundabout indpiration for the Derek Smalls Italian gangster movie footage that was cut from Spinal Tap. Both bass players, both working on obscure Italian movies, both ridiculous.

  6. Speaking about dead-on Spinal Tap inspirations:

    Also – for a great list of youtube clips

  7. Man, the clip of “Darlin'” linked to on that site slams – look past the silk jackets and bad hats and general Mike Love-ness.

  8. fuck yeah. beats the balls off the harlem shuffle, which is what his “real band” was doin at the time. This is up there with ron wood’s solo album, “gimmee some neck” (hows that for tap? I love the cricket bat steinberger! I’m so happy this guy had the balls to quit.

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